Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Update

Riley Update

He went in and got two more rays done this meowning.
Things look a bit better.
He is home now.
Looking at bird tv.
Tests results will be back on Tuesday.
Doesn't look like we will need to do surgery.
Unless, the specialist finds something.
What a wild couple of days these have been.


Kea said...

Oh, whew! Sounds encouraging, at least probably no surgery. Fingers and paws crossed, sending purrs and Light!

-Kim, Annie, Nicki and Derry

Jacqueline said...

Holding you and Riley in my prayers...The waiting is so stressful, I certainly hope all the tests turn out ok...Best of luck.

Brian said...

We are still purring for Riley too and we are so happy to hear that things are looking a little bit better. All paws crossed here!

Judy said...

Keeping fingers crossed! Hope he continues to improve!

Laila and Minchie said...

Poor Riley. We are so sorry to hear all that he and you have been going through these past days. He is definitely in our thoughts and prayers! (((HUGS)))

Webster said...

Oh, I'm so glad Riley is feeling well enough to enjoy bird TV. I hope these last few tests bring you good results.

My goodness, don't you sometimes feel like you're paying to send your vet to a vacation condo in Hawaii?

Felted House said...

I've been away from blogs for a few days and have only just caught up with Riley - I am so sorry you have had, and are having, such a worrying time - I do send you and him lots of love and hope he is really better very soon, waiting is dreadful. xx

Forever Foster said...

That sounds like very encouraging news. We will keep purring!

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