Monday, March 15, 2010

Do Not Disturb

Riley napping after his Daffodil debacle

I woke up to the dark. Two in the meowning which would have been one. Had too much of my Market Spice tea last night. Only I couldn't get out of bed. Think Mummy Bag and you had my situation. Meredith Ann has discovered the thrill of being on the bed. Next to me like a sardine. Couldn't get out that way could I ? Mr. Boatman to the left of me. Big Al in between the two of us at my feet. Ashton on the other side of my feet. Jasmine on my pillow. I was stuck. Drifting off a couple of times but no, I still had to figure out a plan. I snuck up and out over my pillow. Did not disturb the cat on the pillow or the one next to me. I could be a spy who turns and twists through those laser beams. I felt pretty good about myself. Didn't disturb the cats or Mr. Boatman. Then, the joy went away. How to get back into said mummy bed ? In between the girls I went. Slip sliding down an inch at a time. Got myself settled in. Thought ... I did good. Closed my eyes and who decides to wake up ... Meredith Ann. Within five minutes of my adventure, the two girls had gotten up and left me. What you do to not disturb a cat ?


Brian said...

Actually sounds pretty normal to me!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh that is so funny because I do the same thing (though not all the time of course). I am especially bad if Virgil is being snuggly because he just isn't a snuggler. I have actually climbed over the sofa arm not to disturb him. Of course, there are the cats that are always in my spot too - they know that I will move them and then they are welcome back - and they always come back to the most inconvenient spot. I swear cats have an extra sense that tells them exactly were the most in-the-way spot to sleep is!

Two Sisters said...

We like to sleep on Mom's bed at the same time, but never touching!

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Sounds normal to us too - except Pop usually puts us off the bed if he knows we are there. So we have to slip on and snuggle in after he is asleep!

Jacqueline said...

That's so funny, I can totally relate; I hate to get up and disturb my girls sleeping around me, especially when you end up going right back to bed and they have gotten up and moved!

Laoch of Chicago said...

: )

Lucy the Cat said...

Oh yes, I know this scenario well! Too funny.

Riley sure looks cute in his picture.

Nancy said...

LOL! I never liked to be cuddled by our cat at night - so she just cuddled my husband. They really don't like to be disturbed however.

Webster said...

JC, You cats "OWN" you! I used to cater to their whims, but then they took to laying on my feet, or penning in my legs, and I finally gave up because I have enough trouble moving! So, I banned them from the bedroom. I know. I am such a bad cat mommy. They get extra treats to make up for it, though.

Judy said...

Boy, can I relate to that!! Jake has to sleep under the covers (what can you do, when you have hair shorter than cat hair, and no fat on your bones?), tucked right up beside me, and Husband wants a cuddle, too, so when I come back from my 2 AM wanderings, I have to slide in between them, on my side, because my hips just don't fit any other way! I am just glad that Annie sleeps at Husband's feet, and Gloria comes in to sleep in the crook of his arm. Miss Kitty is not brave enough to be in the same room as the dogs, yet.

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