Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh I know ...

I'm having coffee
My dog Bella is curled up next to me
She likes to be by my feet
Al is by the door
I guess so he can bat at whomever comes by
Maddy Jean is at the end of the bed
Giving her sad puppy look
She does it so well

I took the girls out this morning
You know how Bella has to still be on a leash
Due to her bionic leg and all
So out I go
Only after my first step 
I realize that I have entered the icy zone
In my slippers of all things

Nothing like sliding along a wooden deck
With two happy pups
Squirt bottle in one hand 
Which I had to maneuver into my pocket
It was a .. need both hands kind of .. walk

Crunch Crunch went the orange leaves
As I walked, and I'm reminding you again,
in my slippers
All the way to the back of the side yard
Why does she,
I'm talking about Bella here,
need to visit the azaleas that live by the side fence 
They're nice and all but seriously ... WHY ?

As we made it back to the house
Bella with her leash in her mouth
That's very important 
If you come back in your 15th life
as a dog
Things to know so you'll be the cool puppy
Always get your leash or keash as it's called in my house
In your mouth while smiling 
Smiling at your Mom goes a long way

We get back in the house
I take her leash off
I feed them
Maddy Jean finally realizes we went inside
She's kind of a silly Golden 
Cute though ... think ... Smiling ... again
She does it really well

I turn around and think
It's too quiet
Why is it quiet
Oh I know

Mr. Boatman isn't here
He isn't in Shanghai either
No, he's in ... are you ready for this one
Like everyone says this about their husband 

He's in Sweden ...

And, after I realized this
I made my coffee
I went upstairs to my old puter
Remember, the one I use is broken
And, checked to see if his flights got in
They did ... by the way

Also, checked the time in Sweden
It's Saturday afternoon 
Only he already did Saturday 
I called but no answer
I'm sure he's gone off to his hotel room
And collapsed in total confusion 
As to where he is and what time it is

And, that's my Saturday Meowning so far ..
How's your's going ?


ellen abbott said...

We had a dog who like to hold the leash in her mouth too. she was the sweetest dog ever.

Noll's Nip said...

Your animal companions are so sweet. Glad Bella is getting around better.

P.S., The vet said Noll had an infection and an inflammed pancreas. He's getting twice a day anti-biotics. He's doing a lot better. Thank you for asking after him.

Joanne said...

My Saturday's going along just purrfectly. We did our shopping for our Thanksgiving meal, except for the produce. Here come the holidays ...

Lisa, Jack and Baby said...

We had a quiet day all day. Mom went to work briefly, but then someone offered to do her shift, so she came home to study. Now we're dozing while the heat makes the room toasty warm. Mmmmmm naps.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It was a cold and slippery morning wasn't it? I remember when our dog was a puppy it was winter, and taking her out all the time was so cold. I'd usually be in slippers too.

Anonymous said...

Love to hear about your pups. We have a warm sunny day here and will be working on getting the cat shelter ready for cold weather.

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