Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nada Zero

Today I sit upstairs.
Not in my den where I watch my birds.
I am on the very old keyboard.
The even older puter system.
The one that Mr. Boatman fixed just a few days before he left.
Seems that my Graphic Card has gone away
and my puter in the den is Gone.
In memory ... it sits there with a purple screen. 
Thus, I am upstairs.
I had no email for a day.
Imagine that ... scary isn't it.
Mr. Boatman was awake.
Four am Shanghai time.
Think Bill Murray in Lost in Translation.
He took over the system.
Concluded that it was down for the count.
Fixed me up a new system ... sort of ... and here I am 
Looking at the leaves on the trees in my back yard
What this means is 
I also have to walk up and down a flight of stairs to get a new cup of 
Men, why do they leave when the puter breaks down
I dream of my laptop
The one I got for my belated birthday
The blue one
The one that had to go to college with my daughter
cause she broke hers the day before 
she was leaving to go back
I am sad but my blue laptop is coming home in December
She promises me it is fine ...
no Cornell stickers have been put on it
The cats are perlexed. 
Why am I not in the den ?
If I'm upstairs that means food
The dogs are thrilled.
Maddy Jean is on the bed.
Bella came upstairs for the first time since her surgery.
Going up is fine.
It's the going down ... she does it but too fast. 
That's the crazy report from my house ...
and I've always wanted to say
On Sunset hill ...
I do get sunsets and I am kind of on a hill 


Anonymous said...

Oh NOSE! We hope when BoatMan comes back it'll get fixed. Maybe, just maybe, he'll even bring you a new 'puter!

Junior and Orion said...

Bummer!!!! We hope you get a new wonderful compuiter soon!

As to your question on our blog, Meowm volunteers to help at various booths at the National Navy UDT-SEAl Museum Muster. So while the SEALs were putting on their demonstrations she was working a raffle booth (when she wasn't taking pictures that is).

Poppy Q said...

For all the money we pay for them, they still are pretty unreliable these computers.

We hope you get your pictures back soon.

Kris said...

Ugh, I hope your day gets better!

JC said...

Don't know if you all know, but Mr. Boatman is a fancy puter engineer. He specialty is phones but at home we have four puters.

He puts them together himself. Can't tell you how many times I've been to Frye's ... local puter store ... looking at 'things' that go in a puter case.

It's always when he's gone that something happens ...

I do the best I can but I am NOT puter savey at all ...

I'm lucky I even know how to turn the darn thing off & on ...

I'll miss posting my photos the most though since I've really gotten into that with this blog ...

STUEY said...

Now what that is like having no computer. Even with only dial-up I would be lost. Mayby boatman will bring you a present!!! Till then hang tough. DAR!

Christina said...

Dang it! I hope all works out for you, with this. I can't imagine, how annoying that must be.

Laoch of Chicago said...

One loves Frye's

Pop and Ice said...

Isn't it marvelous being married to a super-smart computer guy? It's the best! Mine is a firewall-network computer guy, but he's just like your guy - building computers, taking apart computers - fixing computers. He even, sometimes, can fix Macs. He hates to do it, though. But since my Dad and son both have Macs, he has to jump in and fix them as well at times. I love smart men, uh, my smart man.

Webster said...

Well, now I'm jealous. You're married to a computer guy. Why didn't my guy study computers? Still, I have no complaints because he "gets" 'puters more that I ever will, and when mine freezes up I just call his name and he comes and fixes it - but not until after prodding me to fix it myself. Yeah, ...right.

My laptop shut itself off last night. I don't think that's a good sign. And of course it waited until the extended warranty expired.

Maybe Mr. Boatman will get you a new laptop for Christmas, and let daughter keep yours for school. One can dream.

Forever Foster said...

What a pain in the patootie! It is good to hear that Bella came upstairs on her own:)

JC said...

Pop & Ice ~ Oh you can love Mr. Boatman if you want...he's really nice. LOL You'd like him. Everyone likes him.

Webster ~ Mr. Boatman has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from the U. of WA.

I had no idea he was smart. Really. He played quitar in a band and had crazy hair.

I just thought he was cute ... course, I was 21 and had a few beers but we had a grand time talking to each other.

Didn't find out what he was going to graduate school for til we were dating.

Don't think I'll get a new laptop. D's was under warranty and it came back from Frye's a month ago. the plan is to have Mr. Boatman transfer all her stuff back to her puter. Then, I will get my lovely blue laptop back.

If she broke it, which I don't think she has ... yet ... I'll get another one.

One more month ... she gets home around the 20th of Dec.

JC said...

Oh, is it bad of me to be more excited about my laptop coming home than the daughter coming home ? He He

critterlover said...

LOL, well, no. It's not bad of you. I totally get it.

You tell Miss Bella to be careful on those stairs, no doing damage to her new expensive surgery.

How's Ashton?

JC said...

Thanks for asking about Ashton. He's not throwing up but very quiet. I'm in watch mode with him.

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