Monday, October 5, 2009

They talked to me for weeks

I'm having my meowning coffee
Thought I'd write a bit
Tell you what's what in my life

Had a busy weekend
Mr. Boatman got home from his travels
Continued to paint the house
That meant two trips to Lowe's
That's right ... I feel at home there
Been there so much that I broke down yesterday

I've walked by the Halloween & now Christmas counters so many times ... it's on the way to the bird seed section.

(Have to do something while Mr. Boatman takes forever to find that ever loving part to the thing that he is fixing. I'm sure you all know what I mean ...)

Anyway, I got a six pack
of the cutest candy cane ornaments
The box talked to me
You know how they do that

~~~ dog barking .. be back in a moment ... which dog you ask. Cause you always ask these things. Maddy Jean my Golden Retreiver. Who is the trouble maker in the family ~~~

I'm Back ... she, I am guessing, needed to see if the 35 degrees out back had warmed up in the last ten minutes. I'm going to sip on my coffee and let her think about it for a while. Ok, I'll leave you all if she barks. I'm a softy but next time I will let her bark it out ....

Back to the local guy supply store ... that has every thing anyone would ever need to fix, tear down, paint, remodel their living space with.

Anyway, those candy cane ornaments did not just jump in my hand. They'd talked to me for weeks. Yes, I go to Lowe's almost every weekend. Seems like I ought to buy stock ... maybe I already own some. Oh by the way, the boy scouts are selling popcorn as you leave the store. A bit pricey, fifteen dollars, but be prepared. I was after my third trip. Not bad popcorn ... buttery ... full of calories ... YUM. Not the low everything kind I usually buy.

So, I got new bird food. Suets to be exact. Mr. Boatman got more of our trim. He got more of the actual house paint on Saturday. Could he have bought the trim then too ? Of course but he knew I would miss my so called dates. I told him that this was not a date. He just laughed.

~~~ Dog wants in now ... drink your coffee while you wait ~~~

Back. Maddy Jean has settled in front of the door. Looking oh so cozy.

What else is knew ? Spiders everywhere but that's not new news. Cats are being cute. That's old news but never dull.  We moved the old tv to my sons room. That meant we moved the old tv cabinet downstairs. It spent Saturday night in the hallway. I told the boys to lean it against the wall. They thought it was fine standing in the middle of the room. Oh those sillies ...

Not two minutes later, all four of my cats are either on top of it or inside of it ... where the two drawers used to be. Jumping and hiding went on for quite a while. The cabinet is now in the garage. So are a lot of the boxes from the last several weeks. I did leave Ashton one of his boxes which he jumped into first thing this meowning.

That was in the middle of his talking spree. Yes, he was mewing away. He's finally napping but boy ... ha ha ... did he have a few mews to say to me. I could go on and on about the remodeling of this old house but I'll save that for later ... have to have something to blog about don't I ?


Kritter Keeper said...

sounds like our and out and in and out...dogs cannot make up their minds and cats love to run and explore and play! sound perfect to me!

Kritter Keeper said...

sounds like our and out and in and out...dogs cannot make up their minds and cats love to run and explore and play! sound perfect to me!

The Kool~Kittie~Krew said...

Sounds like our house too...always something being done whether in or out! An, your kittie pictures are GRRR-8 today!!!

Noll's Nip said...

Love the kitty photos. Cats can have fun anytime & anywhere :)

Darlene said...

Hehehehe it sounds like I would be right at home there! Our two indoor cats are up, down and all around all the time and the two poodles are in and out all the time. Especially the young poodle Lucy. If she looks out the back door and sees a bird or a squirrel she has to go chase then back to the door, then go chase, then back to the door.....well, you get the

Lisa, Jack and Baby said...

Jack always wants in and out. We love your kitty pics -- so cute. And you're right, that never gets old.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I'm way more familiar with Home Depot and Lowes than I want to be.

We do still have one old fashioned hardware store here. The kind you can go into and show them a screw and they will find and sell you one screw just like the old one;)

Natalie said...

Things tell me to buy them too, JC. :D

JC said...

Marnie ~ WOW .. that's amazing. They help .. sort of .. at Lowe's but usually they just point you to the row.

Tuck said...

Sounds like a busy weekend at your house! I always like it when you finally break down and buy something after admiring it for weeks. Even something small, like ornaments. Always makes me appreciate them more!

Laoch of Chicago said...

Aren't cats grand?

Pop and Ice said...

What - no photo of the Candy Cane ornaments after all that build-up? Just more (adorable) photos of the cats? Hmmmph!

Judy said...

JC, I don't have the daily trips to Home Depot - husband is just not a fix-it kind of guy! You asked when I get up to get the spiderwebs with dew photos - 4 AM is ridiculous - that is when I put the washing in the dryer after I've been to the bathroom (ain't menopause wonderful?) The alarm goes off at 7, and it is quarter past by the time I get my teeth brushed and we head out the door. That is just before sunrise, these days.
Love the cat photos, too!

JC said...

I know ... I should take that camera everywhere with me ... I did buy a case to put it in ... now it won't get all scratched up .. not that it has but wouldn't want Mr. Boatman to think I don't like my handy dandy birthday gift ..

Mishkat said...

These are wonderful kitty photos! I particularly like the second one of Ashton - what a sweet expression!

P.S. my husband can't stay away from Lowes either - it's like a candy store for him (specifically the tool department!)

Cat with a Garden said...

It does sound like a bird, doesn't it?
That popcorn made our mouths watery... yum, yum, yum.

janis said...

Your Kitties are so lovely! And you take great shots of them!
I currently have 2 plus the 3 dogs. My daughters cat will come live with us this summer for a while. She is the only cat I ever met that doesn't like me... Should be interesting.

Naturegirl said...

Such a busy house! My guy is wanting to paint here but I don't want the mess or the smell while recovering!!
It's my B.Day in a few weeks and he's planned a party and I think he wants the house looking fresh?
(((Leave it be I shout!)))
Christmas decorations...(((PLEASE)))
let's get through Halloween!
I love the cats posed in the empty drawer space..I have a dresser sitting in the hallway on route to a bedroom and my cats have not thought of hiding there?

BTW. the tomatoes that I grew we planted in "large pots" and place within the garden too can grow your own in pots..even on a balcony if that's the case.
This was an amusing post with the cats! =^.^= Purr-Zzz

Nancy said...

We know the draw of Lowes, Home Depot, Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Is there anything those stores don't have between them? Luckily the outside painting was done by professionals, or my husband would still be at it all these many months - just like the corner of the bedroom that remains part white, part "peanut."

dsmcaron said...

We have quite a few cats at our house and they are all lovely and challenging and make great photo subjects! Yours are very pretty.

JC said...

Nancy ~ Mr. Boatman didn't want to pay someone to paint the house. He went out and bought a big spray machine. He's almost done but anytime he complains ... I get to remind him that he volunteered. Why I don't know .. reliving his childhood perhaps ?

JC said...

NatureGirl ~ I hadn't thought of that. Maddy Jean, my Golden, is now six. She is one of those dogs that chews, digs and eats anything in the back yard. I keep telling her how lucky she is to have a home. That if she were at the humane society .. whoever took her would take her back. She just wags her tail and smiles at me ... while she runs off to dig in her den. Her den used to be a lovely azalea.

Next year, I will try the tomatoes in a container and let you know if it works ...

JC said...

Dsmcaron ~ I just found your blog a bit ago. Can't wait to hear all about your Fur Gang. Thanks for stopping by to visit ...

California Girl said...

great kitty conversation and so true. my cat means more to me than I can say...well, at least $800 worth which is what she cost a few weeks ago after she almost died out in the wild, probably caught by a fox or such. She's a tough one; she got away. Needed stitches all over and had tiny puncture (bite) wounds too. They shaved a good bit of her and it was funny looking. She's only 6 lbs, all bitch!

Thanks for posting about the photos. it is a great time of year and he captures everything so beautifully.

wildcatwoodscats said...

Great cat photos today - sounds like a busy house. Hope you got some R&R with your coffee.

JC said...

CA Girl ~ so glad you were able to get her fixed by the vet. Vet's are so expensive. Bella, my choc lab, had to have a tumor removed a bit ago. Cost over 1000 .. like I'm not going to use lazer surgery. It just added up ...

WildCatWoodscats ~ I did. Now that it has warmed up .. a lovely 44 .. Maddy Jean has no interest in going outside.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Interesting ... Our Monty dog does that. First he wants in, then he wants out, then he wants in..... then he wants out!!!

Those are great photos!!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Interesting ... Our Monty dog does that. First he wants in, then he wants out, then he wants in..... then he wants out!!!

Those are great photos!!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Great kitty shots...You can almost see just what they are thinking!

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