Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I wish I was Miss Daisy

I went to Costco yesterday. Mr. Boatman signed us up two weeks ago. (We were members a long time ago. They moved & we just didn't go anymore. Been five or more years. Mr. Boatman decided we should join .. again. Who am I to say no to shopping.)

As I was walking around with my cart, I past by a huge display of bulbs. Daffodils, Hyacinths, Tulips .. I just wanted to take them home with me.


I put a lot of them in our wooded yard .. when we first moved here ... some fifteen years ago. Due to the wooded environment & the visiting animals, my bulbs don't survive. I have replanted a few times but the dirt here is hard & rocky. Mr. Boatman always has to buy me new dirt & well, it's a big old tiring process.

So, yesterday I just walked on by the bags of beauties. What a shame. I wish I was Miss Daisy and had my own personal assistant who I could tell ... please plant these for me. Oh, I do ... it's Mr. Boatman.

Only he's busy. What's with that ? Doing what you may ask ... and you did ... didn't you ? Working ... figuring out his work situation .. not good ... he decided to quit & start somewhere else. Always a scary situation. Busy day yesterday. (We want Mr. Boatman to be happy & he wasn't)

Anyway, back to the bulbs ... do you think in between figuring out life ... that he could help me plant a few ... just three or so bags ... to add a pinch of color ... I'll be thinking about that today ... his birthday is this month and he doesn't know what he wants ... wa la ... flowers that bloom in Spring ... PURRFECT IDEA ...

Do you plant bulbs each year ?
What do you have ... daffs, tulips, hyacinths ?


The Kool-Kittie-Krew said...

Well, this is the first year that mom is going to plant bulbs for the spring. Tulips and daffodils. We have a TON of wild tiger lillies that mom transplanted 2 years ago and is going to be transplanting some more this year (she wants to expand her garden and they're in the way right now). She would hate to see them get ripped out of the ground and thrown away, they are purrty. Good luck with your planting...

Lori at Jarvis House said...

i do plant bulbs every year. Sometimes I get them from COSTCO, or I just divide bulbs that have gotten too crowded. If the animals eat your bulbs, sprinkle some cayenne pepper over the bulbs as you plant them. Last year I purchased a huge bag of Crocus bulbs, and I swear that the squirrels watched me dig them in all over the yard and got every one. Oh well.

Cindy said...

My mom had a Miss Dazee for almost 20 yrs. The cat was the Miss Daisy at 4am most mornings.

LeAnn said...

Those flowers will be so pretty in your yard come spring!
I am going to have to start all over with a completely dead yard and I am not very talented that way!
Did Mr Boatman really quit or is he just thinking about quitting before he gets cut?
Malley sez Hiya to Riley! And my meezer to yours!

JC said...

He gave notice to the Big M yesterday. He starts his new job a week after that.

Scary times over here but he's happy about the decision.

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~ Jose N. Harris

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