Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yes, I had fun ...

It's a semi nice Sunday
Weather is muggy
Birds are singing
Jasmine Marie is mewing at me by the puter
I cleaned out a bit of my closet
Old dresses from before I had my daughter
I really liked them
Couldn't let them go
How silly of me
They were a size ten
And, I thought
Maybe I'd get back in those
They even have padded shoulders
Are they back in ?
Read some sad stories about animal abuse
Told my six fur kids
How lucky they were to have a home
Mr. Boatman is back in our time zone
I kept him up til ten last night
Waking him up every time he fell a sleep
Yes, I had fun
Oh, I'm still feeling ok
A twing here & there but nothing
A pain patch can't help with
Here's hoping you're having
A Super Sunday


Sherri said...

Glad you're having a nice Sunday!

Natalie said...

Good to hear, JC. I love your header photo, it is wonderful.xx♥

Noll's Nip said...

OMG....dresses with shoulder pads! That made me smile :)

Reese =^..^= said...

I'm thinking the shoulder pads will come back in style. Soon, very soon.

STUEY said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better, shoulpads huh! I have platform shoes from the 70's and they are back in style, guess everything old is new again. DAR

Sally in WA said...

Why do we save clothes thinking that one day we'll fit into them again? I've still got a few in my closet hoping to be worn again. Ya, right. :-)

BTW, I think I read an article not too long ago about shoulder pads coming back into vogue. Ugh.

Webster said...

It's nice you had a pleasant Sunday; I slept through most of mine. As for shoulder pads coming back in vogue - they do help balance the hips! LOL

BTW your Jasmine and Ashton are nearly doppelgangers for my Purnima and Raja. I also have a black furball named Nishita.

Nancy said...

I had to laugh at the padded shoulders - are they back? LOL

Your photo at the top is great! Love it.

I worry so much about all the animals who are suffering in this economic mess. My little Lucy is lucky, too.

JC said...

Webster ~ How cool .. twin kitty cats !!

Ashton & Jasmine are absolutely beautiful cats. Ashton has spots & stripes. Jasmine is well ... a snowshoe siamese ... enough said.

Shoulder Pads ~ I had brought a few dresses from our move. And, that move was 14 years ago. I even had them in dry cleaning bags .. can't say I'm not one to hope.

Nice dresses .. I even showed Mr. Boatman a few of them ... he was like, Oh Yeah I remember that dress

Can I go back to the bin & get them ?

See, I am a Silly Siamese

Webster said...

Yeah, almost twin kitty cats, except that Purnima is a Snowshoe Himalayan. Seems appropriate, the shoes.

JC said...

Jasmine has the shoes & the sort of long hair. When I got her, it said she was part himalayan. Which means I have to comb her a LOT.

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