Friday, August 14, 2009

the question was asked ...

What do I want for my birthday ?

I don't know .. I don't need anything .. Can't think of a thing

A new camera so that my photos aren't blurry

There .. that's what I want

Do I need it ? No

I want Peace for my Birthday

For the year actually

I want to go on a Wine Tasting mini trip

A long weekend of tasting and driving through the warm part of my state

Maybe staying at the cute hotel .. that I found ... overlooking the river

Even though it's way out there in the middle of no where and not close

to any winery but its own

I'd like to go shopping without buying anything

And, if I do buy, it's something that I don't need

Something cute ...

For breakfast, I would like chocolate eclairs from Safeway.

Without the flowery stuff on top. Or, a cute bakery.

Mr. Boatman is taking me to the Ocean.

On my actually birthday ... that doesn't happen too often.

Rain or Shine ... I'll be there looking at those waves.

Maybe go to a good movie .. the week of.

Oh, and what kind of cake do I want ?

Something Chocolate but just a slice.

Not much else, that I need ...

I'll keep thinking .... I have a few days left


laurie said...

definitely you need chocolate for your birthday. definitely.

and yes, that hot seattle weather.... my sister lives in seattle and she suffered. and now it is here, instead, where we know how to cope. (she refused to follow my suggestion of shutting the windows and pulling the shades, but it works.)

happy birthday!

Cindy said...

Happy birthday! I just had mine 2 days ago. I saw the ocean then. I'd also like a full year of peace. I guess after I retire would be a good year.

JC said...

At my age, I just want to have Peace & Quiet with some chocoate, wine, cats and dogs by my side, the ocean roaring nearby ... not asking for too much am I ...

Oh and that new camera would be nice ...

I will see ... B Day is next Monday

Sherri said...

Have a great birthday!! I think all of those places and wishes were wonderful! Enjoy whatever you do and definitely enjoy the Ocean!!

Confucius Cat said...

Those all sound like great presents. Happy Birthday. Purrs.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Happy Almost Birthday and may your wishes last the whole year long!

wildcatwoodscats said...

Sounds like a good birthday plan to me! Wishing you all of your year's dreams to come true. Happy Birthday.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Hopefully you will have a mellifluous birthday.

ellen abbott said...

I can't ever think of anything when asked that. I'll just borrow your list for next time.

Happy Birthday.

JC said...

It's the day before my 53rd Birthday.

I haven't thought of anything else I want .. or need

Just Peace ...

Karen said...

Happy Birthday JC...Yes peace would be purrfect!

Reese =^..^= said...

I like your birthday wishes, especially an eclair from Safeway. Simple, yet says it all.

Bee said...

Oh, I like your list! I'm already hinting for a new camera for Christmas . . . as my birthday is in January. I'm always appreciative of chocolate cake, too.

dog trot farm said...

Happy Birthday JC, I hope your special day will be wonderful, peaceful, joyful. Blessings from Maine.

ModernMom said...

Peace for the year ahead sounds like a wonderful birthday wish. I hope it is granted:)

Love your blog:)

Natalie said...

Sounds like a great list, JC. Have a very happy birthday, doing everything that makes you smile and purr. :)

Andrea said...

Everything you want sounds just perfect. Hope it's a wonderful day!

The Kool-Kittie-Krew said...

We hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Janet, I hope you get/got everything you've wished for on this birthday. Hope you had a day filled with peace, contentment and lots of ocean waves! Wishing you many more!!

critterlover said...

Happy Happy Birthday JC. Enjoy the ocean and your ├ęclair's and of course your cake.

I'm with you sweets, peace, for the whole year. There's a good birthday wish!

critterlover said...

And... yay, I can post to your blog again. Thanks for changing it. :-)

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