Thursday, August 27, 2009

Did they see me coming in the door ?

Why are flea meds so expensive ?

I thought I saw one last night. Could have been a bug from outside but to be safe I went to the local pet supply store. There they were .. on the shelf ... hidden .. where I could not see the price. Where were my glasses ? In the car, of course. I squinted while she got the box ... boxes .. I think I saw $suo.o7 ... see I need those glasses afterall. My total bill was over Two Hundred ... I screamed ... mentally that is.

What did I get for my over Two Hundred Dollars ... thank you for asking ...

My receipt reads like this ...

Front Line Plus Feline Green 2 @ 50.99
Front Line Plus Canine Red   1 @ 54.99 (big dog size ... of course I have big dogs)

I only got one of those cause there are three applications in a box. For the cats, I have to get two boxes ... cause of the three in the box & I of course have four cats ... why did I have to get Riley ?

And, the Bird TV Advertisements

Nature's Cafe Patio Mix 20 lb bag  1 @ 41.99
Nature's Cafe Nutty Mix  8 lb bag   1 @ 18.99

For a Grand Total of ~~~ 217.95 plus tax for a total of $ 238. 66

All that for no fleas & bird tv ... Man ... I need a drink and a job

Update ~ Maddy Jean did not like having liquid put on her neck. Bella was a good pup about it. Maybe due to her semi dementia state of mind. The cats were ok. Riley jumped off his scratching post ... aka ... bird tv ... and gave me a dirty orange kitty stare. Al was ok but had enough of Grandma doing the neck rub. Ashton was on the bed. Didn't bother him at all. He went back to sleep. That cat is just so  laid back. Jasmine was in the closet on her towels. I had to take her off & attack her fast. I got the last of it on her mid air.

No more maybe fleas ...

That was no fun ...

Update # 2 ~ Just looked online & yes, they saw me coming in the door. On Drs. Foster and Smith, it costs $ 39.99 plus shipping but still that's a diff of $11.00.

I'm going to faint now ... did you hear that ... it was me falling on the floor in a pile ... where are those fur balls now ... make some mula ... pay for your own flea meds ...

Til next time ... as I pull myself off the floor ... why did I do that ... too old for antics like that ... dust myself off and gather my old bod and transfer funds from savings to checking to pay for this one ...

Mr. Boatman is gone this week so by the time the bill comes in he'll just ask ... what is this ... and I'll already have that drink in hand & tell him how I'm now prepared ... course that will cost more $$$

What do you want to bet that it wasn't fleas and just the local woody bugs that came in ... it was cold yesterday ...

Can't win can I ...


ellen abbott said...

I'm with you. There's no way that stuff needs to be so expensive.

blueviolet said...

Let's just stick with the idea that it WAS fleas and you'll feel so much better about it!

Anonymous said...

It's so ridiculous how expensive pet meds are!!! But be careful when ordering from 1-800-Pet-Meds. A lot of their stuff is expired. My mom used to be a vet tech and told me that.

JC said...

I've ordered from Dr. Foster before. Got the feliway plug ins for a lower cost ... Ashton ... he likes to moisten things ... got to love em though.

I will order from them again ... or try another store. I was just shocked ...

Sherri said...

JC, everytime we have gone and bought Frontline, Heartworm preventative meds, etc. it costs us a bundle of $$! We love our animals but they are really costly!

Sally in WA said...

I know how you feel. With 2 cats and 2 dogs getting the month flea treatment, it adds up quickly. I used to buy the stuff from a veterinary supply store, but it's not close to home and I haven't been down that way of late to buy more. I would purchase a year's worth of meds that way.

JC said...

We haven't had fleas in forever. H put stuff on the grass a long time ago & that killed them.

Dogs went to a kennel a while back & even though they give them a pill ... every dog gets one ... I swear ... that's where they brought them ... either that or the time Riley got out at the vacation place ... we have deer ... so, maybe he got one or two while he was exploring the front lawn.

Or, as I said, it might just be a flying bug .. from my woods ... that landed on the bed next to me and my fur balls.

Either way, no fleas, ticks etc in my house ...

Laoch of Chicago said...

Oils from cedarwood, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary or thyme have all been shown to be effective in small doses to keep away fleas and ticks away from pets.

♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

If you have a local Tractor Supply they are even less expensive than mail order! Why are they so expensive? I guess they see us coming but this I can tell you without a doubt - if you do get fleas on your pets and in your house it costs hundreds of dollars to clean up the mess. Just ask my son. His INDOOR cat got fleas from a friend's dog who happened to visit for only a couple of hours. By the time my son realized Zoey had was too late. It cost them a bundle!

Reese =^..^= said...

Oh, that is just awful. Highway robbery!

The Curious Cat said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by! Will add you to my blog roll! The lady lives in Banbury - hence Banbury Cross in the song - which is in Oxfordshire. Have you ever been to that county? xxx

Judy said...

Touch wood, I have not had fleas on anyone (that I know of) since I declared the cats were no longer going outside. (And with a whippet, I would see the little beggars - whippet hair is shorter than cat hair, in case you don't have one to look at).
Hope you are feeling better, and get some of your problems solved soon!

Karen said...

JC our vet sells frontline to us for $15, for one month. Molly is a medium size dog though.

Rene said...

Hey, did you know you can buy the larger dog size and divide it up among the cats? If you Google Frontline cat dosage you can get the dosage and use a syringe to apply the appropriate amount.

Tober the Cat said...

I do not like the Flea Stuff because it makes my neck furs stand up and I look stupid.

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