Monday, August 24, 2009

Crazy Manic Monday

Monday MEOWning Updates

I had a Marvelous Birthday Celebration at the Ocean.
Got a new Cannon SR10 IS as my Old Lady Birthday Gift
Tried to take a few photos
Do I ever have a lot to learn about photography

My oldest teenager went back to college last night
My youngest teenager goes back to school next week
I think I finally have all of his 'stuff' taken care of at his school
(they goofed his schedule & I had to do emails back & forth)
Mr. Boatman is going away for a week in a few hours

The siding installers are supposed to show up any minute
The Girls ... Maddy Jean & Bella .. refuse to 'to their business' before the group of workers arrive

My Hip is still hurting. I can't bend over without yelling ... and that is so much fun ... kidding

Cats are doing ok. Riley has been sneezing. Someone is leaving me 'gifts' to clean up after breakfast

My email system is not working ... giving me trouble ... saying it needs this or that ...

Thus, it's a Crazy Manic Monday ...
How's your Monday going ?


ellen abbott said...

Mondays are travel days for me from country to city. I do try to get some work done once here. some Mondays I'm more successful than others.

Sherri said...

JC, I'm sorry your Monday has been so crazy! I hope things calm down for you. I love the "birthday by the Ocean" picture of you! You look wonderful!

janis said...

Sounds like,"just another Manic Monday, oh how I wish it were Sunday".
Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see your photography, enjoy the camera.
ps.. Yummy Wine!

Tuck said...

I had one of those days too. Nothing seems to go right! That doesn't sound like an old lady present...that sounds like an awesome present!

LeAnn said...

Dahling... you look Mahvelous!
That is a good pic! In spite of the hip thing, you are looking good!
Happy Bday Again!

Noll's Nip said...

Enjoy that new camera. I'd like to get a better one myself one day.

P.S. Is Rain of Mountain Mama.blogspot still blogging? I have been away for a little bit and I can't find her now.

Naturegirl said...

Well my dear JC you must come by and sit awhile on my bench..I sure hope one of the cats isn't on know how they are what's ours is theirs (((all theirs!!)) =^'^=
Ahh...did I miss your B.DAY!!
(((((Happy belated birthday!))))
A beautiful B.Day photo!! hugs

JC said...

Noll ~ yes, she has a new blog & closed the old one out ...

Let me go into my blog folder ... paw digging madly ... awe I have it ... seems a bit like catnip ...

Known as ... A Walk In The Woods

JC said...

NatureGirl ~ I'll take you up on that. Your seat looks Marvelous. I'll even pet the Gorgeous Black Cat ... Don't tell my Grandson Al though (he's the jelly type)

Sally in WA said...

Yup, another Monday in the books. I survived. Yay!

Hooray for your new camera. :-)

dog trot farm said...

Happy Tuesday, if it's Tuesday than we survived Monday! Sounds like your birthday was delightful! I too am trying to figure out a new camera, Canon g10. Who knew there were so many options offered. Godd luck to you.

JC said...

Dog Trot Farm ~ Oh I know ... the dial alone is confusing. The things that show up in the window when I push the 'button' half way down ... that's a whole other list of fancy things it can do. Let alone the fact that it zooms out ...

I really need to take a photo class ...

Cat said...

Happy belated birthday to you!! the camera sounds like something fun to practice learning and I wish you many, many hours of enjoyment!

JC said...

Cat ~ I had fun with it at the Ocean when I got it. Some were fuzzy but others were very cool

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Happy Birthday JC! You look good and I'm a bit jealous because you got your child ready for school and because your trip is ahead (I have several days before school starts to prepare my kids, and my trip is already behind).
Thank you for your comments on my Kauai posts! The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook by Andrew Doughty (Wizard Publications Inc) was a great help! We've been to all 4 major islands. If you ask me right now what island I'd like to go again to, I'd say Kauai. But all of them are good.

JC said...

Tatyana ~ we've been thinking of a few days in Honolulu & a few in Maui. My son wants to see the Volcano park ... I think that's the one in Maui. Course, we have been talking about this trip ... forever ... maybe next year .. or the one after that ... I'll look into the book ..

Reese =^..^= said...

Hi JC!

Happy Birthday, dear friend. Sorry Monday was such a pooper. It's Tuesday now, so things are looking up!

Noll's Nip said...

Thanks JC I'm heading over there right after this comment posts :)

Confucius Cat said...

Happy belated Birthday.Can't wait to see more photos with your new camera. Purrs

laurie said...

that's a lovely, serene picture. happy birthday!

Herrad said...

Hi JC,
Happy Belated Birthday.

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