Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trees and leaves and Sunshine

Trees and leaves and Sunshine ... taken through the car sun roof ... also known as a Moon Roof ... I asked my husband ... I said, "what'... who calls it that ... I call it a sun roof or a sky light in the roof of my car."

Last weekend, we were driving to the beach house. It always takes forever to get there. Even though it should take just over an hour it sometimes takes two. Being that it was the Memorial Day weekend, it took two. I mean bumper to bumper .. non stop ... or stop ... the whole way. No accidents in sight. Just cars.

Finally, my husband says he's 'Hungry'. He wants 'Mc E D's' ... so we pull off the freeway and the crowd follows us. At the light, we can see that the drive up goes all around the Mc golden arches. We find a spot by a tree. Cause by this time, well, Mc E D's sounds ok with me.

Only it was a hot day and the two big dogs were with us. I told him to go in and I'd wait with the girls. Which I did. Only I started to notice the tree outside the car. It was swaying in the slight breeze. The sun was out and I thought ... a photo would be a good idea.

So, this is my spur of the moment ... tree with leaves in the sun on a Saturday ... photo.

Enjoy ... almost like you were in the car with me eating a Mc E D's ... I'd share a fry with you but the girls ate most of them ... I know I shouldn't give it to them but it's those brown eyes again. We got to the beach house. There weren't any french fries left.


Natalie said...

Beach house sounds fun. Moon roof sounds fun too......Doggies eating my fries doesn't. :D

Nice photo.xx♥

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm fries! Nice view from the 'moon' roof! lol. I remember the first time I heard that on a commercial, and I was like "wtf???" it's a SUN roof!

JC said...

I thought it was called a Sun Roof ... maybe it's a guy thing ... Moon Roof. Oh it would be, think about it ...

By the way, I wrote this after Memorial Day Weekend.

I get a fry, the girls each get one, it helps with this old bod not getting any bigger.

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Nice photos - a good oportunity to spice up a long ride. Sorry I put Oregon on my blog for your home state --- I corrected it. Thanks for posting my Pay it Forward on your blog. I alos posted it on my blog too.

Reese =^..^= said...

Nommy, fries!

Kritter Keeper said...

wow, you are lucky to have a beach house! i love those clear blue refreshing to look at.

Pop and Ice said...

I'll be posting my Pay it Forward on Monday. Unfortunately my photo of the lovely items you sent will be missing one rather tempting item. I'll let you guess what was filched and has not yet been found.....

musingwoman said...

I love it when those brief transcendental moments appear like that right in the middle of french fries and bumper to bumper traffic.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Ah, am glad you found a shady spot to enjoy some sustenance while traveling on a holiday weekend!

Teri said...

Oooh, fries and a breezy afternoon. And then you through in the beach. Perfect combo.

I need some beach right about now.

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