Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Slaying The Dragons

I'm taking a break from working in the back yard. I was slaying the dragon better known as the black berry sticker bushes. The big one by the back fence was coming over from my neighbors' yard. I have three azaleas that grow against that portion of fence. My neighbor has let the back of his yard go natural which means black berry bushes are his version of a hedge. I don't mind ... really ... I don't.

I decided to go with my whacking tool and see what I could do. I whacked away and got a big chunk. While getting it to go over the other side of the fence, I have lots of woods on the other sides of my fence ... it's a weird fence line ... I got it good on my hand. Being the child that I am, I decided that meant I needed a cool drink and a big break from working on the disaster, better known as my wild back yard.

Yes, I know all too well that I have two teenagers. Where are they ? Helping their father clean his boat. Why am I not on the boat ? Didn't feel like it. Have I changed my mind ? No, I haven't. I wanted to stay home with my girls' and work on the weeds a bit. And, yes, I'm a bit out of my mind. Aren't I ?

Who would pick weeding and slaying the dragons instead of waxing the boat ? OK, I wouldn't be waxing it. I'd be the one with a drink in hand enjoying the cool breeze while they slaved away. If I'd actually gone with them, it would have been hot as ... and no breeze in sight. So, I think I made the best decision. After all, I have a cool drink and a breeze. I bet I could find some wax around this house somewhere.

I am now going to look up what nettles look like. Yes, I found those too. Don't think I touched them while I whacked away but I am a bit itchy ...

I called my H ... also known as Mr. Boat Man, to let him know that his hot tub parts had arrived. They were on the front porch when I went to get the mail. Which I normally only do in the car, since we have a long driveway and I'm old and all. Today I decided to walk my weedy lane, pulling this one and the other along the way.

My daughter, who's home from her first year at college, Cornell .. had to say that cause damn it was hard to get in to and well, it's costing us so much mu la, anyway, she answers and says that Dad isn't a Happy Boat Man. I ask, "why not", trying not to giggle ... the boat it seems "won't start". Imagine that one for a moment or two. That would not make Mr. Boat Man happy at all. He had the engine fixed last year. I know he did, I was the one handing him tools. The engine is a step inside, down a ladder, type of duel engine. Not being an engine gal, I think it looks like it should start but I can't even start the lawn mower, so what do I know. She goes on to tell me that, "we probably won't be as long as we thought".

I went out to the back porch with the girls' ... the girls' are my dogs, Bella and Maddy Jean. I told them that we were having a better day than Mr. Boat Man and his teenagers. They just panted at me ... being the silly puppies that they are.

I was sitting with my Newcastle Brown Ale while enjoying the warmth of the yellow stuff. It has gotten lost on the way to Vegas or Texas and I get to enjoy it for a while. I'm sure the rain will find it's way back to me but for now, I just need the hot tub fixed and I'm in Sin City or Long Horn Heaven.

Oh, one last thing before I go back out back, I saw a Flutterby. The first one of the Season. I'm sure you all know what a Flutterby is ... right. Yellow and black and it flew by me and teased me just a bit. I was so thrilled and thrilled I don't normally do ... being an old lady. My Mom taught me well.

Right after that, when I was telling the girls what I saw, a ... get ready for this one ... Dragon Fly buzzed by me. A blue one too. I like blue just look at my list. I tell ya it's been a Dragon of a Day and I'm going to go back out back and finish my Newcastle Brown Ale.

I think my day wins ... don't you ?


JC said...

This was written on a Sunny Saturday afternoon in late May.

OK, I sometimes write and put it on the schedule ... I'm busy sometimes ... with what ... It takes time to pet the cat.

You all have a nice day now,

Meri said...

I didn't know you grew up in Tacoma. So far, I think you should be able to guess where the photos were taken, but they might get harder. Let's see if I can stump you.

JC said...

When I was young, I lived close enough to walk to Cheney stadium. When we moved, I lived in Univ Place. Went to college at UPS.

Barbara said...

Fun reading of the lives of others. Surprised to see Newcastle Brown Ale there.

It's not something I like but the town my hubby grew up in.

JC said...

I had my first brown ale while vacationing in Vegas. The only store that sells it is Safeway and they don't always have it.

When I buy it, I get two sometimes. I have a fridge out in the garage for soda pop and beer.

I drink darker beers due to my headaches. (I was in a coma and have migraines almost every day)

Coffee and dark beer are my friends now ...

Laoch of Chicago said...

I think that is a motto we all can share, "One needs the hot tub fixed!"

The Creek Cats said...

Your day definitely wins!!

Rain said...

A Newkie Brune is my favourite beer! I used to work at an English-style pub in Montreal, and we had it on tap...mmm,mmm,mmm!

I think your day definitely won out compared to Mr. Boat Man!


Tea Time and Roses said...

I must agree, your day sounds wonderful!



JC said...

It was a nice day.

Today is too

I'm going to take the girls out back ... my two dogs ... Bella and Maddy Jean.

I'll Mew, bark or blog at you later

Pop and Ice said...

Oh dear....I drink neither coffee nor beer, but you May Day sounded lovely.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi JC! What a beautiful May day you had. I hope you have many more like it.
So did Mr. Boat Man get the boat running? More so, the hot tub?
Oh by the way, love your header. Lisa

JC said...

No, Mr Boat Man still has to work on the engine. That is planned for this weekend.

The photo in my header I took at one evening while visiting Westport, WA.

The hot tub has been cleaned and is working ... only, the air bubble engine has died. Mr. Boat Man ... aka, hot tub fixer upper man ... was looking on line for a new part for that. The hot tub works but I like those little bubbles.

It's my mini poolon a hot day.

I love the Ocean.

( I'm back from my time with the girls in the back yard. They wanted in and my cool drink needs to refreshed ... cranberry with filtered water.)

Pop & Ice ~ I drink coffee in the morning and dark beer in the evening ... I've had migraines most of my life. After my coma, I have really weird headaches, that seem to get better from coffee or a dark beer. Really the dark beer helps ... I kid you not ...

That's ok ... if we ever meet ... you can have your beverage of choice ... won't hold it against you if .. I like tea too.

Now, I'm gone for a headache induced nap ...

Tuck said...

It sounds like you made the better choice!! Cornell is a very difficult school to get into...you must be very proud!! What's her major?

Kritter Keeper said...

sounds like a busy day. thanks for reminding me of the name of the nettle weed. i hate those things. wow, cornell...that is awesome!

JC said...

Tuck ~ she got in early decision and was the only one from our state. Her major ... and I may be wrong here since she changed it a bit ... Human Ecology. Wants to work in the Epidemiology field.

Plans on during an internship in Africa her Jr year.

All I know is she was pre med and Biology and Chemistry 'took' her dreams away her Freshmen year.

All is not lost, she can still do it just had to 'tweek' the major a bit. Now she is emphasis in 'Historical Diseases' and 'Nutrition' ... see I told you I don't know the exact major.

She had a 3.8 from High School and had just missed being a State Scholar ... by I think 15 points.

That's the one where if you get it, you get a full scholarship to a state school. Looks good on college applications.

We will see what she actually ends up doing ... does any of this pay for an apt and food in the end ?

Cornell sure does cost though ... they, being in the Ivy League ... and who cares about that ...do not give scholarships ... oh, thanks for that

And, so I send my hubby off to work to pay for his teenage daughter that he wanted ...

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