Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just call me Scarlett

I'm tired ..
I woke up around three am to my dog whining. I tried to ignore her but she kept it up.
Finally got up and let her outside. Had to wait for her to come back in.
At 3:30 I went back to bed. I think I slept til six.
Had a few things to do. Like take my cat, Jasmine, to the vet for her shots.
Got home and realized that they made her paperwork for rabies out wrong.
Had to go back and pick up the correct paperwork.
After I called the vet to let them know what they did or shall I say did not do.
Went to the grocery store for a few items
Came home and went out back with the girls ... Bella and Maddy Jean.
Was tired and tried to take a nap
I'm still tired
One of those kind where you're tired when you wake up
I'm sure it will go away it's just that I don't like feeling this way
Like I'm going to pass out or I'm just exhausted from life and it's troubles
Maybe I'm coming down with something

And, tomorrow is another day ... just call me Scarlett ..


Natalie said...

I can SO relate, Scarlet. I am still tootsie waffle brains....big time.xx♥

JC said...

She started to moan ... again ... this morning but I was able to fall back to sleep.

Got up around 6 am.

I feel a bit better. Took some of my 'I feel like I might be Getting Something' meds. Doesn't everyone have that kind in the cabinet ?

Last night, I was talking to my cat, who was sitting on the bed with me. We were watching something on tv. I woke up later. I quess I'd fallen a sleep ... he left of course, I'm in trouble now.

You just don't fall a sleep while in the beauty of an orange boy ...

I went to bed and was falling a sleep when my Hubby came up and was talking away at me ...

I do feel better this morning though so hopefully it was just a one day thing ...

Kritter Keeper said...

not to be nosey but you sound like me...have you had your thyroid checked? most docs do not get all the tests done. there are 4. i am at the low end of all but still in the 'normal' range which is boloney. no reason for someone my age to feel sluggish. and yes, my dog little bear does the same thing...up at 3 am alot!

JC said...

I was in a coma three years ago. Due to that, I have a great weakness on my right side. My headaches are rather weird and my Dr's say it was / is due to my slight brain damage.

I also have lesions in my brain/spine area that are 'ms' related. I've been told I have ms, told I don't, told I do and now I'm told that I just have bad migraines.

So, I don't think it's thyroid ... had bloodwork done a while ago.

It's just the remains of my coma ... when I get tired I get really tired.

Cheri and the cats said...

I had a day like that on Sunday! Must be goning around. Hope you fell perky soon. Or at least perkier!

JC said...

Thanks ~ I think it was the busy weekend that wasn't relaxing ... you know some of those can be ... and the dog being sort of in her dementia phase of life ... and the two teenagers who are not perfect angels ... and, my old coma body.

I today feel a bit better ... and am ready to face the jungle that is my yard.

Oh, and to go off and make amends to my orange purr boy ... falling a sleep while petting him ... I'm in trouble ...

Pop and Ice said...

Gee, I hope I didn't infect you through my blog! Feel better soon!

Rain said...

Sorry you're so tired! I can relate to the whining...Spencer did that all last night, I don't think I slept more than a few hours myself. We've been switching over to a new food for the boys because of Winston's kidney failure...I hope they adjust soon - for them and for me!!!

I wish you a great night's sleep tonight JC!

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