Friday, May 1, 2009

Pink Petals

It’s snowing pink petals at my house.

The wind has blown most of the gorgeous cherry blossom petals off the tree and on to the sidewalk. It started earlier this week. A bit of wind. A touch of rain. Ok, a lot of rain and my trees are no longer the picture purrfect pink delight that they used to be.

From my bedroom window, I can see the tops of the trees. The part that you have to turn your neck and look straight up in the sky, to see. The blue jays visit there a lot. I have two that come almost every day. I have chickadees too. Lots of them. All sorts of them. I need to find that bird book that I bought a few years ago and find out what type of chickadees or other cute birds, they are.

It might be in the den or the bonus room or did I put it upstairs. It might take a bit of time to find it. So instead I might look it up on the computer. I bet they have all sorts of handy dandy websites that I can peek at for informative look e looing from my window. Which is what I do with my cats. I look almost as much or more than they do. I move my chair over and tell my cat, which ever cat got the coveted top of the scratching post, what a cute birdie is on the tree or eating or on the ground. It really is a good nature channel.

The other day, I decided to take a photo of the pink petals. My Siamese cat must have heard me and flew down the stairs. Just in time to sneak through the opening at the moment I opened the door. Out she went with me in shock. She must have heard me unlock the door and really … she flew down the stairs … as far as I knew she was sound a sleep on a box by the window upstairs.

After my shock wore off and my mouth closed, I walked over to her but pretended not to notice her cause that’s what you do if you want to get a cat back in the house. I walked a bit the other way and quickly tried to get her. Which I did, to my surprise. She was so busy eating her grass and being thrilled to be outside that I got her in at a very weak moment. I carried her bunny style with her back legs hanging into the house. She was still chewing on the grass. Now she was in shock cause she didn’t know how I got her.

So here are some photos … of the pink petals … not the cat … had to put the camera down to get her in the house. I’ll post a pic of her asking oh so politely to go outside.

On that pink petal note, I will bid you a Purrfect Fryday and Mew at you later,


JC said...

I've been trying to use my laptop and use copy and paste. I even set it to post at a certain time this morning. I did notice several minor errors though ... a space here, a return there, and after a few more times of pushing the 'publish' button .. I'm on my first cup of coffee and didn't see all of the errors in my typing ways ... wa la ... after 4 or 5 'publish' you have my story about my cat who went outside to eat grass with the pink petals.

critterlover said...

Pretty pink snow, and pretty kitty asking so nice. Enjoy the sun while you can!

Anonymous said...

I love the pink snow! I get slightly frustrated with the formatting in blogger for the posts. I need to learn a little more HTML I think!

Your cat is verrrrry sneaky!

Karen said...

It sounds like you handeled the escape quite calmly...I would have been hysterical if one of mine got out. My hubby says I overreact. lol

Noll's Nip said...

I like pink snow!

LeAnn said...

Pretty Pink Flowers!
Last night I was unloading groceries, came back hours later to find your Meezer Niece Jasmine asleep in the trunk of the car.
And not happy to be disturbed either!
Poor Kitty!

Naturegirl said...

Well how do you do Ms. JC! It is a pleasure to meet someone else who LoVes lilacas and cats!! Yours is purr-fectly sweet! Oh yes I know that dash outside when the door opens..NO NO..get back inside kitty cats..
after visiting my blog you know I have is purrr-fect with lilacs and cats!! =^.^= NG

STUEY said...

JC saw you visited me and I too love nature, cats, and lilacs. Just waiting for mine to bloom. My kitties too love the outdoor so they run out into the dog's 30'x50' fenced in yard. They they are content for hours. Hope you continue to visit us at the Rustic Ranch

Minka said...

Why not just let her out - I'm sure she wants to enjoy the pink petal snow, too... because it's so darn pretty! :)

Nan and =^..^= said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog Shells and Roses this morning! I'm enjoying meeting your cats and dogs!
Hope you visit my other blog Furry and Feathered Friends, to meet my 3 cats and the birds and critters that visit our gardens!
Best wishes,
Nan and =^..^=

Cat with a garden said...

Hahahahaha! That's a clossic cat move! Concats! I wonder why mom's always worry when we are outside, we can manage quite well I say.
Purrs from escapist to escapist,

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