Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bird Houses

Maybe because it's Spring, 
I've been seeing some of the coolest
bird houses ever.

Yesterday, I went to a meeting at one of the 
homes in my neighborhood.
Yes, I do get out from time to time.
Shocking .. I know.

As I walked into this yard,
I noticed how every bit of
their yard was landscaped.
And, I mean every inch of it.
In a tree was placed 
a bird house.
The old rustic type.
I so wish I had a camera
and had taken a photo.

Would have been one of
those moments but 
that's who I am.

It looked something like this.
Only imagine it in the trunk area
of an old cedar tree.
(I couldn't find a photo to show the exact idea
but this gives you the rustic feel of the bird house.)

I so need to do this to my yard.
Bird Houses.

And, that is what I've
been thinking about.

I'm going to the birds
over here in my woods.

Me, and the Purr Gang.

~ JC ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

The cats would LOVE it if you had an abundance of bird houses. LOL.

Brian said...

That is sure some fancy houses and we would like those in our yard too!

Deb said...

Aren't they gorgeous. I would love a complex of bird houses like that. Great idea. And I know the cats would agree. Deb

Nerissa said...

Those bird houses are WONDERFUL! I love 'em.


William said...

My mom went on a real birdhouse kick when we had the house (we still have a few, now on our balcony). We never had birds move in to any of them, but the paper wasps loved the spacious floor plans!

KathyB. said...

Going to the birds isn't so bad, especially when it requires bird houses like that !

Em Parkinson said...

Hooray......managed to become your 190th today. Love the bird houses!

Missy George said...

My brother in law built me a birdhouse like that many years ago..Wish I still had it...

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