Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday In The Woods

Cat is done. Unplug.
~ ~ ~
It's frozen out.
My test for that is the dog water dish.
It lives out on the deck.
It's solid.
That's cold for us.
We usually get rain or fog.
Nope, the rest of the world found us.
I know the storm of snow is on the East Coast.
Living on the West, we get green.
Not white like the rest of you.
My driveway is green like the color
of our football team jerseys.
I realized that yesterday.
Too funny.
Speaking of that,
the big parade is in a bit.
No, I'm not going.
I live in the woods
a long way from the big city.
It's still cool (ha ha) though
that we won something.
Won't happen again
or will it.

The cats are fine.
Napping by the heater vents.
Or, in the evenings,
the fireplaces.

Me, I'm busy doing 
lots of this and that.

Waiting for the colds
to go away.

I also have two sick cats.
Or, one with a real cold
and one who needs eye drops.
Both are hiding from me
and both are a bit feral.
So, you can just guess 
how much fun that is. 

Keeping warm while watching the birds.
Pets to all of you
and purrs to those who
are sick.

Til Next Time,
~ JC and The Purr and Fur Gang ~


Deb said...

Good luck with the sick ones. Stay warm. Deb

Fuzzy Tales said...

Haha! Love your caption for the photos. :-)

Purrs to the sick cats from us...and good luck to you.

No comments from us on those who actually see GREEN out their windows at this time of the year!

Sweet Purrfections said...

We thought. You were getting charged up! MOL

Brian said...

I sure hope the kitties get all better soon. Those pics are way too funny!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...


I hope things start to warm up for you guys, and sending purrs that everyone starts to feel better.

William said...

Ha ha ha ha! I think that's what happened to Caroline!

Judy said...

Here I thought cats were solar powered... Guess you have to adapt these things when it is winter...
They have moved us to a classroom with computers for this part of the course, so I can browse while I eat lunch...
Now, if I can just find time to make a post...

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