Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday In The Woods

"When a man loves cats,

 I am his friend and comrade

 without further introduction" 

- Mark Twain 

~ ~ ~
When the rain comes, it pours around my woods.
Seems like the last couple of days
it's been thundering right over my house.
No going outside for Meredith, that's for sure.
She's been playing with her toys.
Upstairs and downstairs.
Being the brave kitty that she is.

The girls, Maddy Jean and Jodie Belle,
are at the beach place with my daughter.
She's up or down there,
I never know directions,
working on things and reading.

Quiet here without my noisy makers.
No one to hide on the bed with me
with all the noise.
That would be Jodie Belle.
My Rough Collie has always been shy.
Doesn't like any noises except her own barking.
That she loves.

So, it's been just me and the purr gang.
Lots of Siamese loves with Jasmine.
Everyone has been enjoying the
sharing of the morning cat food can
with Riley Andrew.
He's the one who was so sick
a while ago with pancreatitis.
Now, he eats wet food.
Fancy Feast flaked tuna is a favorite.
And, has gained a few ounces.
He's my thin cat.
The rest are chubby fur balls.

Me, I've been reading a new book.
I'm not in love with it yet
but I've heard that it's good.

Working on my list.
Cleaning inside things
and trying to line up people
to get this old kitchen of mine remodeled.
That's going to take me forever
the way it's going so far.
Getting bids.
Picking out colors.
Do I redo or get new.
That kind of fun stuff.

Of course, living in the woods
there is no stores close to me.
A grand adventure just to find
the counter tops and cabinets.

Hope you all have fabulous weekend plans.

I don't but I have that list to keep me busy.

And, I'm sure a good movie
will arrive on my tv screen.

Remember to dance
even if it's in your own den
on your swivel chair
with a few cats
as your only

Just saying ..

~ JC ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

I guess that what you do for your reno will depend on what you want and your budget, and if you have an "ins" to good deals. Good luck; I expect it'll come with some huge headaches, but will be worth in the end. :-)

BTW, my cats look at me like I'm crazy when I "dance" in my living room. But what the heck, no one else can see me!

Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

When I dance at home it scares the kitties! Oh well. Renovating is fun but we don't live near things wither so we have to hunt for items. Hope to go to the fair this weekend - should be a fun time. Rest, re;ax and enjoy the peace.

cats of wildcat woods

Brian said...

I hope you have a furry nice weekend! Hugs from all of us.

ANGEL ABBY said...

I used to dance with Abby in my arms and we'd waltz around the room. Now none of the others will let me hold them long enough to do that. *sigh*
We redid our kitchen in 2009 and although it was a mess for about 6 weeks when it was all over (and there were glitches) I still love it and am glad we did. WE moved out 3 old decades as that kitchen was orignially put in in 1983!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you and the fur gang have had some enjoyable time. Decisions are not always easy on fixing up. Hope you can decide soon if you want to go new or re-do. If you get too much rain we could use some if you can figure out a way to send us some. Hugs and nose kisses

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