Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chrissy and Jodie

This is one of my favorite photos
of Jodie Belle as a baby.

She is now a big girl.
I still think she is the cutest girl ever.
Me, and my love of Collies.
I grew up with Chrissy.
He was part Collie and German Shepard.
Only he ended up looking mostly white with a soft yellow.
Sweetest dog ever.
He was the best friend.
The one I slept on.
He was my bud.
When Jodie came to us,
I was reminded of how shy Chrissy was.
Many times I was under the table with him.
We'd end up napping together.
Jodie is shy too.
With the 4th arriving,
I hope she doesn't mind the noise too much.
Usually, I have everyone with me
upstairs in the bedroom.
I watch from the window
as the rest of the world
blows colors over the water.
(we have several Indian reservation
firework stands that sell everything.
Thus, it gets a bit wild out here.)
The cats are still loving their ac.
I am too.
I went back home for one night.
Had a pre surgery Dr. appointment.
Mere and I drove back here right after.
The one night we spent at home,
was terrible.
Too hot and the fans didn't even faze it.
We are cool cats now though.
~ JC and The Purr and Fur Gang ~


Brian said...

Tose are just the cutest pics!

Cascadian Nomads said...

Huxley now weighs 80 pounds and says he can't believe what a lovely lady his goofy sister has become. If she ever needs to hide from noises, there is probably room under him to share with his Dachshund and his corgi. Nothing ever scares Huxley... or so he has us believe!

William said...

Stay cool and calm, all. Hope the fireworks aren't too too bad. We are hoping people here will just go to the shows and not do their own...but this is the wild west, after all. I guess we should settle for less gunfire at midnight tonight.

Judy said...

If you have some Rescue Remedy, that helps my guys when the thunder monster is out looking for dogs...
Although going deaf seems to be a perfect cure for Jake!!
Jodie is such an elegant lady now!!! I saw the most beautiful collie type dog - front half was white and the back half was white/blue merle. Only he was totally deaf...

Maggies Corner said...

Awww Jodie Belle was such a cute pup and now a beautiful lady dog. We hope you all do okay with all the booming around there. We are not looking forward to tonight with all the noise. Hugs and nose kisses

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Love dogs too. Babysit for my grand dog, Nick the Boxer quite often and I love having him here to play around with. Hope that everything is going well. It is really hot here on Long Island!!! but it has rained a lot for the plants. Cheers, the Day Lilies are out in force.

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