Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Woods

My Grandson, Big Al .. in his box.
It's really Meredith Ann's box but for today, it was his.
I rarely get a good photo of him
so even though he has allergy eyes,
(yes, even cats get it)
he was too cute not to post about.
~ ~ ~
It's another Wednesday in the woods.
Where did my week go ?
It flew by.

Riley is better.
Not great but eating and drinking.
Asks for pets.
Isn't hiding in the closet or under the chair.
So, I am pleased.
(still watching him though as any Mom would)

I'm doing better too.
I was not doing well on my new heart med.
Thus, I stopped taking it.
Either I was going to nap for a month
or live my life.
I decided to enjoy my life.
I'm now on two meds for my heart
instead of three.
And, as they say,
the beat goes on.
Not to worry, I'm not really bothered
by my fast heart beat.
I've had it, most of my life.
I think I'm used to it.
Just has gotten a bit crazy lately.
Mostly when I'm in surgery
or in a lot of pain.

Purr and Fur Gang
are all doing fine.
The scare with Riley 
has me on alert.
I tell them all to not sneeze
or throw a hair ball.
My credit card can't take it.
(no really I mean it)

And, that is my update from the woods.
See, not much going on this week.
Just reading a book on the deck
while Meredith Ann enjoys
her freedom.

Yesterday, she found a small green 
frog that was in the grass.
I told her no, we don't play with our 
friends that way.

She really is too cute.

The butterfly's are in my woods
again this year.
Thus, I enjoy sitting with a good book,
and a glass of 'whatever' 
and take in the world around me.

I'm just a simple gal
who loves the sounds
of my woods.

Hope you are all well
and remembering 
to dance.

Just saying ...

~ JC ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

Big Al has a terrific box. But then, almost any box is a good one for a cat. :-)

Cautious good news re: Riley, continued purrs from the boys.

And for you too!

BTW, I totally get it, no room on the credit card for any emergencies, etc. Yep.

RE: dancing: I saw a cute ad on TV for Zoomer radio (radio geared for those in late middle age to elderly years, I guess). It was a 91-year old woman dancing to one of the station's tunes, in her living room (looked like it would be her own home). She was boogying amazingly well for 91!

Brian said...

I am happy you and Riley are doing okay, and big Al is sure a handsome dude!

missy said...

Glad everybody is on the mend..Yes, vet bills are awful..Hope your heart behaves itself..Big Al is a sweetie..

Judy said...

So glad you and Riley are doing okay!!!
Jake is walking further every day (around the corner at the end of the road now!!) and I forgot pain meds yesterday. Not a good idea, but what a relief after May!!!

William said...

Continued healing for you and Riley both. Hi Big Al!

Maggies Corner said...

Big Al you are a very handsome boy and it appears you are enjoying the box. Hope you do better with taking less meds and hope you and Riley both are doing super great very soon. Hugs and nose kisses

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