Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Many Things

Jasmine Marie
My very elusive Snowshoe Siamese

Many things are going on in my head.
Thoughts of this and that and what and nots.

Spring is green and colorful this year.
Moist though which is getting to me.

I'd like to enjoy my yard.
I do actually like walking and watering it.
Thinking of this and that.
By the time I'm done, I've got most things figured out.
At least they don't bother me as much
and I have a forward pathway in place.

Several things have been dancing around in my head.

~ I live in the woods but I still belong to a neighborhood.
This area has a big set of rules. They have a board.
The current one is very into themselves and what they want.
One of things they decided caused me some trouble.
They did not let those involved know what was going on.
When many neighbors questioned them,
they basically told us to go fly a kite.
(if it were at the beach, I'd have no problem)
They can do whatever they want.

I am so frustrated with who I live with.
So glad I don't know most of them.
Those I do know, it's just a hello and wave.

I am a get along. Ask first.
Why cause trouble if you have to live next to someone.
Kind of lady .. but, this time, since it got me involved,
they heard my opinions.

All of those involved, voiced the same.
Let us know before you do something.
(the roads outside from my driveway)
I must admit that I just turn into my yard
and go into my woods and sort of forget
that there are those out there that live for
telling others what to do and wonder why
I don't come out from my woods to meet them.

Most don't know me at all.
 I'm just the lady who lives down the long driveway.
 I like it that way. Did that on purpose.

The problem is now taken care of.
Enough of us complained.
It's the thought though that even with rational
thrown in, they still don't get it.
Never will, I'm guessing.
Thus, I don't really want to interact with any of them.

I live in my woods because it's just a great place.
Never had these rules before and didn't know
that they would take them and run with them.
If I'd known, I wouldn't have bought this house.

~ My heart is still dancing away.
At times, I just stop and listen to it.
What can I do today.
Will it make me dizzy,
so I don't feel like I should drive.
I tell ya, it's too much fun
not knowing what I can and cannot plan.

Thus, I don't need the neighbors being odd.
Ya know what I mean.
I get enough of odd at home.

~ I just have a feeling.
Like something is going to go wrong.
I've had this before.
The feeling.
And, something usually does.
Go wrong.
Maybe it's just life.
Things just do.
Good or bad.
They happen and I react.
I'm trying to remain calm.
About things, that is.
Could also be my heart going so fast.
(Does do the .. aweeeeee .. feeling.)

~ I tried to make an appointment for my roots.
Never been good at finding someone to do them
on a regular basis who actually makes me look OK.
Called and they could get me in in two weeks.
Two weeks. Movie quote.
So, I'll try other places today.
Always a fun thing.
I so wish I hadn't gone weirdly grey
and that I could just go all natural.
No, right now, I'd scare someone if I did that.

~ And, that's about it.
All about me today.

Dogs are cute.
Cats are all fine.
On hair ball meds for their gifts.
Going shopping to get them new food.
If my heart lets me.

~ JC ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

Yes, it seems that unless you live in the boonies, and off the grid completely, someone will be trying to control aspects of your life. Condo bylaws, neighbourhood rules, whatever. Sometimes off the grid sounds pretty darned good to me.

You already know what my adjoining neighbours are like. Frankly, I don't know most of the others at all. Very few of us have been in the complex for a long time, most come and go within a few years and too many units are rentals now.

Like you, I prefer to live apart and live in peace and quiet.

Good luck with that, I hope it stays sorted out.

A woman who works in our suite is severely asthmatic, on 16 meds a day, has scarily decreased lung capacity and a scarily high heartbeat. So she certainly would really "get" it, with your own heart concerns, though you don't have the same health issues. The boys are sending purrs that you'll be able to get out and get food for the fur family today!

Brian said...

We I sure do hope nothing goes wrong! Here's a hug, just in case!

Rose H (UK) said...

It drives me wild that 'they' are constantly trying to tell us what to do. It's hard to fight things but it feels good when you win!
Hope nothing goes wrong and your health issues improve. Thinking of you often.
Rose H

Webster said...

I would hate to live in a neighborhood with a covenant and rules. You are lucky they aren't telling you how many pets you can own. Jasmine Marie is cute today.

Stay calm; be well.

Katie Isabella said...

I have not met Jasmine Marie until today I don't think. Beautiful girl.

I feel badly about what you are going through. One of my sons lived in a condo once on a time where they force certain things upon the residents or refuse certain things. He had the temerity to plant a small dogwood tree and they had a conniption fit! He bored from within by becoming one of the Board who made the rules.

There comes a time in your life when you walk away from all of the drama and the people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right and pray for those who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is part of life, getting back up is living.

~ Jose N. Harris

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