Thursday, March 28, 2013

I am

~ ~ ~
I have decided that I really am part cat.
I sit in the den.
Turning my chair, it's that kind of swirly turn kind.
Looking at the front woods and the swinging suet that hangs.
It was empty for a while.
Til I got Mr. Boatman to refill it.
Birds of every size have visited.
Even those big and small squirrels from the back woods.
We all like the little squirrels, as the big guys seem to eat it all.
I tend to throw old magazines at the window so they'll venture
up the tree and over the roof to the fence.
Anyway, with the sort of sun coming out through the clouds,
I find myself looking and waiting.
A visitor.
A chickadee.
I watch.
It leaves.
I am sad.
Who will visit next.
I turn my chair.
I drink my tea.
I am cat.
I am now purrfect.
~ JC ~


Laoch of Chicago said...

I aspire to be more like my cats, who I find to be more perfect each day.

Brian said...

Well being a cat is a wonderful thing and now you see why we like it so much!

Judy said...

You certainly are purrfect!!! Stay that way!

Katie Isabella said...

I think being a cat is the best of all. Mere, I give over. I will stay the only baby here.

Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

Being a cat would be just fine!

Happy Easter! Running late cuz it was a busy day.

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