Monday, January 14, 2013

Mondays With Meredith Ann

This is what I do.
Relax on the soft blanket.
Other than that,
I sit by the sitter vent.
It blows my furs.
I look out the window.
It's cold out there.
I'll stay in here with Mom.
I watch bird TV with her.
She tells me that it's too cold.
That the warms will come soon.
Til then, I sit on my blanket.
Paws crossed of course.
I'm a Princess.

Til Next Week,
Or when the frozen stuff is gone,
This is,

~ Meredith Ann ~


Kea said...

I used to love it when Annie sat with crossed paws like that. It's VERY dainty and princess-like, and suits you to a "T" of course, Meredith Ann.

Stay warm and snuggly. Our January thaw is over and the temps are dropping fast today. No doubt my boys are snoozing somewhere cosy in the house. :-)

William said...

OMC, those crossed paws! You are such a doll, Meredith Ann!

Brian said...

You are a very pretty Princess!!!

Remington said...

We love bird TV! Stay warm and enjoy your day, my friend!

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