Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blond Or Brunette

I don't know what I was thinking.
I wasn't really.
Just that I didn't want to be this total blond old lady anymore.
So, I told the lady at my new 'fix my roots' salon,
that I wanted my roots to come in better.
She seemed to know what I meant.
Asked if I'd ever done a total color with highlights.
I, of course, said no.
I also told her I knew nothing of hair.
That I thought it was a true art
 to be able to see what would look good on someone.
I picked a color.
She went to work.
I looked terrible with all that foil.
It took a long time.
I didn't have my glasses on.
The cut looked OK.
When I got home,
 I was afraid to look in the mirror.
It's dark. Chestnut brown dark.
She did a few highlights but
 not around the base of my hairline.
Thus, it's dark. Dark dark dark.
I can't look in a mirror.
It is OK. I'm trying to like it.
I'm thinking I might go back
 and ask her to add more highlights.

I wasn't happy as this blond thing that they had made me.
Only I'm not totally happy with this either.
Oh, and it took three hours for them 
to do this to me. 

I'm worn out.
Hiding from mirrors.
What was I thinking.

Please, someone out there,
 make my hair
 bee u tea ful.
Is that too much to ask.

~ JC ~


Carolina Mountains said...

It will lighten up as the days go on. I have bad luck with hair dressers and color my own with the temporary color. That way I have more control. It seems that as we age, going lighter in color makes us look younger and more natural. I use blond colors even tho I am brunette but it comes out fine and looks like highlights.

Fenris and Family said...

give it a few days and it will be fine. I had jet black hair in my younger days and go dark brown now and it looks fine after a few days. The first few it always looks too dark. ~Alasandra

Webster said...

I don't color my hair and am going grey nicely. It looks like it's been streaked, with one big streak on the front, just right of center. I am happy with my hair the way it is, so I can offer no comment on how/whether/or what color to change your hair. Giving it some time is likely a good suggestion.

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