Friday, November 16, 2012

Silly Snowshoe Siamese Friday

A rare photo of my Sassy Snowshoe Siamese,
Jasmine Marie.
She normally lives upstairs in her closet.
Yes, she owns it but allows the rest
 of us to venture in for visits.
In the afternoons, after her naps,
she will come downstairs for pets.
Only because we've made too much noise
or not been upstairs at the right time to pet her.
She is a funny girl.
Too many pets and she'll hit you.
It's those white paws that get her in trouble.
We think she was very abused before she was rescued.
She's come a long way since I picked her up at PetSmart.
I told her she was safe now.
Well, as safe as I could make her.
She enjoys her life ruling her brothers.
She yells at them if their shadows come close.
Hissing is her middle name.
She is Siamese after all.
In the afternoons and evenings,
I will go upstairs and call her name.
She comes and sits with me.
Thus, I spend lots of time with her.
Some days she doesn't come to visit.
She naps on her blanket in the closet.
I love this girl more than I can say.
She saved me when I was so sick
after my coma, six years ago.
I woke up and asked about her.
Everyone wanted to know who she was.
She was one thing I did remember.
Silly how that is.
The things that you remember
when you can't even remember
how to walk.
It's that Silly Snowshoe Siamese
and me .. always will be.
Right now, she's napping.
Too early for her to get up.
If you need her,
she'll be taking pets
upstairs on her blanket.
~ JC ~
(and, Maddy Jean, Jodie Belle, Big Al and Riley)
The den is a bit busy this meowning.


Brian said...

She certainly is a pretty lady!

Mr. Black said...

That was wonderful. What a lovely story. A very lucky kitty to have found you.

Katie Isabella said...

Oh her face is so adorable and I read her story and yours, twice. Enjoyed ever y word. She is your actually good friend. XXOO

Katie Isabella said...

Katie said where is Ashton?

Webster said...

Such a houseful of lovely cats you have. They all know how to dance around each other so well.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Aw, isnt she pretty! What a special girl!

Laoch of Chicago said...

What a sweetie.

Judy said...

Now she is a gorgeous girl!! Isn't it funny how long the memory of abuse can linger!
Hope you are feeling well in spite of all the noise!!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a lovely cat. She sounds quite the character.

Katie Isabella said...

Beautiful girl and I love her shoes. xoxoxox

Remington said...

Beautiful cat! Our Coleridge was an "under the bed" kitty while we lived in MN. Don't know why....but now in WI he is all over the place and seems like a completely different guy....funny how things go....

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~ Jose N. Harris

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