Monday, June 11, 2012

Mondays With Meredith Ann

I sit on the bench.
I close my eyes.
I hear the sounds.
Birds fly in my woods.
The Mom checks on me.
Do I want to come in ?
Seriously, do I look like it !!!
My sister, Jasmine, does not get to go out.
She'd love to trade places with me.
She'll have to listen through the screen.

Life's good over here.

~Meredith Ann ~

Note from Mom ~ Meredith Ann is the only purr ball of mine
that will walk around on her leash and act like it is fine.
Everyone else, Jasmine included, goes crazy and thus,
 they can't go outside on a leash.
 I might try again with her though cause well,
 she's a sassy Siamese and she's cute as all get out.
And, where does that phrase come from .. all get out ?
~ JC ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

Meredith Ann, we're impressed you'll go out on a harness. Angel Annie did, for a short time, and she was fine, but our human thinks we'd probably have a stroke if she tried to put a harness on us. :-P

We're just lucky to have the little enclosed garden!

Sending purrs and universal Light to your human "mom." We wonder if she's managed the secret of how to dance in the rain.

Katie Isabella said...

Meredith Ann, you are so beautiful a girl my darling.

Webster said...

So, Merry (may I call you Merry, Meredith Ann?), it's obvious that you have stolen your Mom's heart - you are so spoiled: you get to go outside on a leash; you get your own room. etc.
Would you be nice to Jasmine if she were outside with you? Or would you hiss at her?

I hope your Mom is feeling better, now that she's been home resting a while. It seems that she may be ... that's just what I sense.

Purrs to you and to your Mom.

Judy said...

"All get out", I think is a polite way of referring to the place below, where Basement Cat lives, back in the days when no one cussed in the presence of a lady, especially not a lady!

Geeez said...

Meredith you are a very smart girl to behave on your shovel! I have had it in my head to escape all the time lately and no one is happy about that! The other day my grandma almost hurt me when I tried to run out the sliding glass door! She is good to her grand-cat though and sits with me outside so I can roll in the dirt!
Loves to all of yours from all of ours!

Purrfect Haven said...

that is sweet. Darcy and Bingley both walk on a lead, but they only need to when they go on holiday. Otherwise they can go out with supervision (but never at night). Lovely post. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

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