Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wild Wordy Wednesday

Yes, none of this no talking on this blog.
Nope, it's a let it all out type of day.

So, you all want to know what's going on .. right.
Lots of silly things that all add up to a royal pain in the back.
(And, I am on ice at the moment.
That's why I picked back.)
Since we were talking about ice, don't you
(all of you who have ever hurt your back,
neck or any parts)
love those ice packs that you throw
in the freezer and then in the morning
while making coffee,
you get one out  ..

I bent over to refill the cute Siamese's water dish
 and the scream my woods heard
was the kind that rocked the tiles on my roof
 .. anyway, I have one of those on my back.
And, this is also a complaint ..
who throws their back from bending over
to change out the water in a dish ?
 Oh, I know ... me.

 Of course, why not .. haven't done that in a while.
Is there a universal calendar that said ..
oh, she hasn't been in a lot of pain lately
 ... yep, she's due.
Can you now see why this is a
Wild Wordy Wednesday.
Wild is now to be explained.
And, I'm not sure it's really wild but I needed a W,
so that's the word I used.

I was planning on a nice vacation
 to a lovely warm location.
It was supposed to be a relaxing trip.
Just sit and watch the water while sipping wine.
(there's a hint of where it was in there)
So, as the flight plans were being made,
I was having to jump through hoops
and do a dance at the airport.
The hotels were going to have me
have two days where I had to
wait to get checked in.
All this just to go with Mr. Boatman
on one of his business trips.

So, last night I decided that this relaxing
trip wasn't at all going to be that.
It would have taken me a lot of wine
to manage the hoops.
(And, with that back of mine,
I'm really not very good at hoops.
Not that I ever was but imagine
one hand with a glass of wine
and the other trying to jump
through the hoops of life.)

Thus, I cancelled my fun in the sun
and now will be staying in my woods.
Thus, the Wild cause the planning of
this mini relax vacation
became somewhat like a walk
on the wild side.
Only I didn't want to do that.
And, Wednesday is that I have
received in the wind a nasty cold.
I went yesterday to the local
drugstore, not telling names here,
and filled up on every cold/cough
remedy that I could put in my basket.
Ok, a chocolate bunny fell in too.
(waiting in the same frig as my ice packs)

I was just a bit cranky this morning
when my back went out
and my cold / sore throat
said Hello to me.

So, today I will be sitting on ice
and taking cold meds
and not doing what I thought I would.

How do I tell those cats and dogs
not to drink anymore water ?

So, I'm off to get more coffee,
a new ice pack,
and see how I can pour water
in a dog dish without getting
any of it in it.
(meaning I'm pouring it like pancake syrup)

How's your day ?

~ JC ~


Remington said...

Beth here....I find that staying home while Mike is on a business trip is better than going along.... Sorry to hear about your back and getting a cold too....not fun....however, I think the ice pack, chocolate bunny and a glass of wine (well, maybe coffee if using cold meds.) will certainly do the trick.... Hope your day goes better....take care, my friend....

Fuzzy Tales said...

Okay, my day admittedly is better. Uneventful, actually. So far.

Wishing you speedy healing! Purrs from the boys -- and Nicki's purr motor is very loud, so surely perfect for this sort of thing.

Rose H (UK) said...

Far better than yours...sorry to read you're suffering, hope your back gets beter soon and the cold clears up too - the wine and chocolate will certainly help!
No suggestion for the water dishes I'm afraid though.
Have a happy Easter despite everything.
Sending a gentle hug
Rose H

Katie Isabella said...

Man, I have felt your pain which does no good for you at all. I have thrown my back out simply reaching to a high shelf in the closet. But my day is better than yours just now exxcept for a pain in both knees. Still not fully recovered from the accident last June. But one day I will be.

Purrs and hugs from me'n'her.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

What a bummer! If misery loves company, I have a friend who pulled muscles in his neck opening a bottle of aspirin. Couldn't turn his head for a week. Now how's that for irony?

Hope there is plenty of wine in the fridge and that you have a good Easter in spite of the back and the cold!

Darlene said...

I can relate, I pulled my back making the bed!! Then was too sore to lay in it, sat upright in my chair. I lift a bottle of beer to your pain, have no wine! Enjoy yourself and use a watering can with a narrow spout or a water pitcher like I do, lol or tell them to get their food and water themselves. I am still waiting for mine to conquer this feat. Happy Easter early too.

Purrfect Haven said...

oh my.. what a thing you are going through... we are sending you LOTS of purrs and a hug (gently so as not to hurt your back)... glad you told us...we can be thinking of you EXTRA... Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

Webster said...

So sorry for your misery, JC. Careful with that wine, open and drink it while seated. It's safer that way.

I've never pulled my back, but I got your cold first; the first one for me in years. Going through kleenex like crazee. Just sayin' - better to get that gunk outta there!

Sorry about your missed vacation, too. Warmth seems really needed for us right now.

Remington said...

Hope all is better! Happy Easter, my friend!

Remington said...

Yes, I believe the Easter bunny does leave doggie bones for us! I don't think they are colored, however....

Katie Isabella said...

Meredith Ann is the sweetest name in the world.

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Oh dear...hope you are feeling better in the nose and back. Just as well you are home with your critters than trying to catch a plane and running yourself ragged. Rest up and enjoy your staycation! Oh and Happy Easter too.

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