Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Steroids Are So FUN

~ ^,,^ ~
And so the steroids begin.
Yes, I finally went to the local mini health clinic.
Hobbled in with a scream or two.
After waiting for an hour or so,
with the cough and cold gang,
I got called into the office.
What I wanted was an x ray
and a referral for physical therapy
or massage therapy.
Nope, I got told that I needed an mri.
That they couldn't order that.
That only my normal Dr. could do that.
(me thinking, great I wasted my hobbling time)
She gives me three meds.
One ~ muscle relaxant
Two ~ pain 
Three ~ a week of steroids
Well, isn't that great.
So, I hobbling out and got to my car.
Had to hobble in person to the drug store.
Those pain meds aren't just for anyone.
They had to see my face.
One look and they knew it was me.
So, this morning I took my first steroid pills.
They are known to be fun fun fun.
As a previous taker of steroids,
I know all too well what they do to you.
Puffy face.
Can't sleep.
Wild thoughts.
So much fun.
So, I am on this road again.
Been a while since I got this bad.
Almost six years.
Will this help me.
I hope so.
From previous experience,
I know that this is just the start.
And, this is just for my pinched nerve.
Not for my cold/cough that's being mean.
~ JC ~

Note ~ I might be writing blogs at four in the morning.
That's what steroids did to me last time.


clairz said...

Aaack, feel better soon!

Random Felines said...

yikes....and ouch!! hope you are feeling better (and less out there) soon.

Beth said...

I am sorry to hear this....it's not fun feeling bad but the meds they give with the side effects aren't very good either. I hope this week will go by quickly for you and that it will make you all better! Take care, my friend....

Fuzzy Tales said...

Purrs from the boys and healing vibes from me!

Gees, if you're writing blog posts at 4AM I might be reading them...I'm up then anyway, coffee mug in hand and watching the previous day's episode of "Steven and Chris." (Canadian daytime show on CBC.)

Dog Trot Farm said...

Hope you are on the mend soon JC, living with pain is no fun. I now undertand the saying, "when you don't have your health you don't have anything" As a migraine suffer I have endured steriods. The most disconcerning side effect for me was the lack of sleep, I felt and acted like a Tsmanian Devil! Feel well soon, Julie.

Webster said...

Hope the meds help the pain. 'roids can keep you up all night, but my last run with the 'roids didn't really affect my sleep much at all. Of course, my sleep is already screwed up, alas. Feel better soon.

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