Friday, April 13, 2012

Old Cat Lady

~ ^,,^ ~
Here I sit with my Crazy Cat Lady coffee cup.
Listening to the birds sing outside.
Telling me I need to refill their food.
Riley watched bird tv every morning.
Even if the feeders are empty.
I tell him that today I will get out.
And, my hope is that today I will do it.
Simple really.
Just walk outside and refill them.
Not as easy as one would think.
I am currently on week two of having my right leg not like me.
It's a lot better though with the steroids.
I can actually walk for a while before I remember
that my leg does not like to do what I ask of it.
Three more days of pills.
I expect wonderful things.
Like walking without pain.
Oh, wouldn't that be great if this works.
I have an appointment set up for next week.
Seeing a Dr. and hoping for a simple solution.
An mri is being scheduled.
We will see what it shows.
Old bones I would expect.
So, today while I cough with this ever nasty cold,
I hope that this old body decides to behave.
I have things to do.
Things I want to do.
If only my leg would behave.

~ JC ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

Fingers and paws crossed and lots of purrs for the MRI, and to be pain-free!

Rose H (UK) said...

Here's hoping there's a simple answer to feeling better...
Rose H

Cat said...

Good luck for good results from your mri...golly why do those things have to be so loud!?!?

Mr Puddy said...

expect wonderful things ? You got it !
Hugs and Purrs fom ME !

Dianne said...

oh how I know how you feel!
here's hoping for a quick recovery
lots of hugs

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