Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Riley Helps

It's the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.
That means the house is a mess.
Lights have been brought down.
Strings of them on the floor.
Which ones work.
Can this one be fixed ?
Boxes of old decorations
have made it down the stairs.
A wreath on the door.
A cinnamon pine cone near the fire.
Cards sitting on the shelf.
Too rainy to put lights up.
Maybe next weekend.
Haven't found the stockings yet.
More boxes in the storage area.
Must be in one of those.
Nutcrackers are waiting to march.
And, the rain it keep on coming.
Wind blowing it at the windows.
Cats napping on or near the heater vents.
No walks outside that's for sure.

~ JC ~


Deb said...

Tomorrow's another day. "Hi Riley"

The Furry Kids said...

Hee hee! Riley, those lights look like the ones that Mama was saying bad words at the other day. Hope you get them sorted out - that looks like a big job that will require lots of naps.


Remington said...

Taking our time with decorations is important....should be a fun time....take care and relax.

clairz said...

Actually, sounds like the start of something great!

Webster said...

Psst!, Riley, as soon as Mom goes to bed you can have some real fun with those lights. And she won't have to worry whether they light or not - she'll just go and buy some new ones. Souds like a win-win to me. Whaddya say?

Jasmine has a white mustache; my Purnima has white feet. Yours is Siamese and mine is Himalayan. And they are both near the heater! Mine just got a new bed. She's the only one who has taken to it.

Oliver Thomas O'Malley Cat said...

Wassup my orange brother from another mother!
We gotta get our party on soon!

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Great job helping Riley but it takes more than a day to do!

Thank you for your purrs and concern for our Yoko. All seems well here now!

Judy said...

You are having the same kind of weather we are! Yuck!

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