Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shall I Put An Add In The Paper

It's been a productive day.
Sort of.
Got this clean.
Dusted that shelf.
Put that pile in recycling.
Rinsed out those bottles.
Tons of magazines are
waiting in my car for their ride
to the local paper bin.
All those indoors,
it's too cold to go outside,
kind of things.

I did try though.
I walked to get the mail.
Have a long driveway.
Got the garbage back in.
Long driveway thing .. again.

Looked at all the fallen leaves.
Do you step on them ?
To hear the crunch and then walk weird
so that your next step hits another crunchy one ?

I sat out back with Mere and Maddy Jean
with my new mag and a cool drink.

Only for a few moments though
The sun .. it moved.

Now, I'm in looking up a new coffee
that I read about.

Thought that I really do need to buy a new machine.
Mine drips all over.
 I gave up and
have an old blue towel under it.
Thought it was important for it to drip.
 At least to the coffee machine,
 so who am I to complain.

So, I'm looking for a new.

Does anyone love what they have ?
What kind of coffee do you like ?

~ JC ~


clairz said...

I'm no help with the coffee maker. We bought a fancy new one, disliked it A LOT, then thanked our lucky stars that we had kept the old Mr. Coffee. Gave the new one to Goodwill and dug out the old one. So, there it sits, kind of old and kind of ugly but pretty much loved. Just like a lot of us!

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

We have a local coffee called Dynamite Coffee. And use an expresso cafe pot. Kinda drippy there too but hey, it makes good coffee. Gotta have a good cup! Hope you have a lovely week. Do stop by for our week long Halloween!

Webster said...

Right now, I'm using a French Press. Found a dented Belgique tea kettle at a garage sale (DH pounded out the dent) and it looks good as new, and whistles nice and loud. The coffee is any of Trader Joe's darkest: French, Bay Blend. I also like their Maragogype (sp?), and their Volcano (which they no longer carry [wah].)

When I lived in Lacey I would go to downtown Opympia and get Batdorf and Bronson Skye's Mountain Blend. They have really good coffee, too.

I thought your title may have referred to placing an ad for a dog. I was going to suggest Craig's list ... just because it worked for me. I think it was meant to be; Romy is definitely a keeper.

Remington said...

Beth here....I have always had a Bunn coffee maker but last year it started acting up and I bought a KitchenAid. It is GREAT! I like it way better than the Bunn. Best of luck in finding the right one for you....

Judy said...

My favourite coffee is from Second Cup, which I think is only in Canada, and not nearly as well advertised as Tim Horton's. I have given up trying to make coffee myself, and save it as a treat when I am out, letting someone else do all the work.

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