Tuesday, September 27, 2011

As I Sat On The Floor

I'm one of those ladies.
I know.
Who would have thought it would get to this ?

This meowning I'm achy and bruised.

Swelling is down so I won't have to go get my arm checked.

Just sore with very colorful bruises.

Nothing like landing on the garage cement floor
and scraping your back and arm against
the foot thingy on your car.
(while getting out of the car, my foot slid and I went
down on the floor sliding my back and arm
against the car door and step thingy)

I sat on the floor and thought for that moment.
Is anything broken ?


Lucky me.

Can I get up ?

Yes, but damn that arm and back hurt.

Put an ice pack on my arm.
(you wouldn't want to see what it looks like)
Poured myself a brandy.
(thought it was a rum but my glasses were
way over in the kitchen and I was on the couch
hurting all over ... thus the brandy over diet coke.)

After two brandies, I wasn't hurting so much.

Only the arm was blown up ... egg sized.

Went to bed with my purrballs and dog.

This meowning my arm is better.
No running ... laugh if you will ...
 walking slowly is what I meant,
to the local health clinic.
Nope, my arm isn't the horror movie scene anymore.
Just bruised and slightly swollen.

My back still hurts though.
I feel like I was beaten up
by a car and a cement floor.
Oh, I was.
Nothing like slipping
 on the foot thingy on your car
while getting out of it.
Nope ... nothing like it.

Cross that one off my list of things to experience.

Old lady on the floor.

Check ...

~ JC ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

OUCH! The boys are sending purrs for healing.

A couple of summers ago I fell on my back down my steps (just after a rainfall). I was lucky to have missed the spine, but boy, did I ever bruise myself, wasn't able to work for a couple of days, could barely move. I was pretty scared for a while, should have gone to my doctor, I suppose, but didn't, figuring that since I wasn't paralyzed, there wasn't anything they could do. Two years later it still bothers me from time to time, so the fall did permanent damage.

Bottom line: I'm glad you did go to a clinic and get checked out! Just don't be surprised if you notice some long term effects from your own fall, though I certainly hope you don't.

Definitely no laughing from this quarter.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Brandy over coke is funny. but the rest of the post isn't. What a painful fall. And we agree with Fuzzy Tales about it being good you got checked out. Very gentle purrs and tail wags.

clairz said...

Little kids fall down all the time and bounce right back up, and I always think, now if that was me...

Take care, and snuggle up with your friends until you are feeling better.

Rose H (UK) said...

Sorry to read about your fall, hope you're feeling better snd the bruising soon goes. Keep you back warm.
By the way, I quite like brandy and coke!

Cat said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you didn't break anything!!! Make sure the fur babies give you extra attention, kitty love is the best medicine :-)

Fin said...

Oh JC I hope you feel better!!

Webster said...

That sounds painful. Hopefully the Brandy & Coke, and some ibuprofen will take care of the pain, along with snuggle time with Meredith Ann. Heal quickly.

janis said...

Oh you poor thing! Thank Goodness you have the Fur Gang to comfort you. Now if you can just train one of them to be your bartender!
Feel better soon!

Naturegirl said...

Be careful!! Lately several of my friends have had falls..bruising on faces etc...silly falls!
A stiff drink...ok that's the
Purr-fect medicine!Wishing you quick healing!

Remington said...

I certainly hope you are feeling better! Now someone tells me that orange kitties are trouble! I better keep a close eye on him! Take care, my friend....

Judy said...

Poor JC!!! Hope you are feeling better now!!!

Noll said...

MEOWOUCH!!! Healing purrs coming your way.

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