Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Been A Week

Sweet Bella as a baby

It's been a week since my Sweet Bella past away.
I am doing better.
Maddy Jean is too.
She still isn't eating though.
Had her checked at the vet and everything is ok.
So, I'm just trying new things to get her to eat.
Tuna juice over her food worked yesterday.

The weather has been nice lately.
Warm enough to sit outside with Maddy Jean.
Meredith Ann spent most of the day with us.
I attach her to her leash and then to the baby sitter.
(a rope attached to a shovel)
It works great.
She's the only cat that will allow me to do this.
She is so mellow.

A lot is going on around here.
Getting both my human kids packed.
My son is going to college for his freshmen year.
My daughter is transferring to a new one for her Junior year.
Both are going where there will be very cold Winters.
(we get a bit of snow but not a lot like they will get)

So, that is my update.
My soul is healing.
I look at the clouds and think of Bella.
She loved life.
She would want me to go on.
To enjoy each day.

Will I get a new dog or puppy ?
I'm not sure.
For now, I will enjoy Maddy Jean.
If she continues to be lonely, I might.

~ JC ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

When or if the time is right for another dog, you'll know.

It's 24 weeks today since I had to let Annie go, and I still can't dwell on it, still hurts so much. Takes me a long time to get past losses and sorrows, I just don't bounce back like I imagine a normal, mentally healthy person would. (Maybe that idea of mine is an illusion. The only people I know who "bounce back" from losses also happen to be very self-centered, live their lives without any deep introspection or angst. Sure makes things easier. And yeah, they're men. Big surprise--not.)

Sometimes I get the urge to have one or two little girls in the house (cats, I mean), but then I think of the sickness and death I would have to face with them too (bad enough with Nicki and Derry) and I feel I'll never adopt again.

But who knows?

Sending Light and (((hugs))).


Rose H (UK) said...

When we lost our last cat Sam I said between the tears 'never again' but time does heal a little and we rescued Sid who is so sweet she found a way into my heart. I still miss Sam even ten years on, but not with the awful pain I did have. You'll know if and when the time is right. Until then take time for you and Maddy Jean to heal a little.
Thinking of you and sending you hugs.
Rose H

Dog Trot Farm said...

Dear JC,
I have been playing catch up with my blog reading and I am so sorry to learn of sweet Bella's passing. Please accept my sincere condolence. I realize only time can heal a broken heart, but please know I will be keeping you in my thought's and prayer's.

Wally Ernie Zoey said...

It will take time....but we hope all the good memories you have of Bella helps heal your heart.

LeAnn said...

What a sweet picture!!!
Big hugs, as always!

Brian said...

We send you lots of purrs and hugs. The healing takes time but the heart will smile at the beautiful memories once again.

critterlover said...

What a lovely baby picture. Soothe yourself with your loving memories. I find picture gazing helps me a lot to heal.

It took us years to get Pongo and Purdy after we lost Sir.

Maddy Jean may want to just be mama's girl too. Give both of you some time to heal.

Sending you love and light, as always.

Darlene said...

Tell Maddie we want her to eat! Try one of the fresh dog foods, they are refridgerated. My love Biljack, which coms frozen. Now for you, you are strong - you also have too much love to give to in time get another dog or puppy. Until then you feel you heart with warm memories, they are done but never forgotten.

There comes a time in your life when you walk away from all of the drama and the people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right and pray for those who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is part of life, getting back up is living.

~ Jose N. Harris

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