Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flying To Toronto

I'm leaving on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
(I do but I had to say that)

Going to Toronto
Taking the daughter to college
Maddy Jean goes to the kennel in a few hours
It's a play outside all day
Sleep on a bed in your own room
(not a cage)

Have a new cat sitter coming in
Just to check water bowls and pet the purr gang
Hope to see a bit of the city
Shopping and getting daughter set up
She's got a room in a college co op
As far as I know, It only has a bed

Lots of suitcases and boxes
My house looks like a wild place
Meredith Ann is mad at me for not blogging
She's been mad at me a lot lately

Mew at you all later,

~ JC ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

Have a safe flight and a fun trip! It's supposed to be about 38C with the humidex in Toronto either Friday or on the weekend....Steamy weather, so definitely don't pack heavy clothing. LOL.

(I live about 2.5 hours east of Toronto, which is how I know we're getting another brief round of heat.)

Cat said...

Well I live in Toronto!!! Please email me when you get here if you would like to get together or if I can help you and your daughter with anything :-)

Laoch of Chicago said...

Sounds like an adventuresome trip!

Judy said...

I live in Ottawa, so I cannot offer to help you, so I am glad that Cat has already done so! Four to five hours, depending on how you look at the speed limits, and how many photo stops you make...

Anonymous said...

We hope yoo are enjoying yoor trip!

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