Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Orange Boy Woes

This is where my Orange boy likes to sit.
It's his world.
No one disturbs him there.
Not that they would anyway
but you know what I mean.
My Orange boy is a trouble maker.
He's the one who makes his sister scream.
He flew off the deck
that is cat proof.
He now stays inside while the
rest of the Purr Gang gets to enjoy
the loveliness that is the deck.
Only at this place, the beach,
that they get to do this.
Not Riley Andrew.
Nope he gets to stay in his special place.
I keep telling him that if he'd
just stayed on the deck.
He cries and tells me his woes.
I listen but I'm not changing my mind.
There's nothing like getting a baby orange boy
to get back in the house.
It takes a lot of sweet talking
and I'm getting old
and I've had enough of
his orange boy antics.

So, do you feel sorry for him ?
Just asking ...

~ JC ~

* I'm still at our vacation home.
The roof just got done yesterday at my house,
that's why we were staying here so long.
Too late for me to take the
Purr and Fur Gang home though.
This gives them a few more
days of going outside.
At home, they don't get to go outside.
That's why it's so special for them here.*


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

He looks pretty happy there!

Lisa and Baby (Lisa Lisa and the Cat Jam) said...

Those gingers always have a wild streak!

Fuzzy Tales said...

That's a great kitty cube/bed. We have one, it's tucked under the dining table, actually. Annie used it once in a while, and Nicki used it too, in the winter. Very comfy. :-)

Riley Andrew sounds like a handful, much like my Nicki. Ha.

Brian said...

Orange Boy is much safer inside! Sorry Orange Boy. Hey, Lil Em update on my blog today. Thanks for keeping her front and center!

clairz said...

I have a friend whose cat loves to go out on the deck so much that he will put up with a harness and leash in order to be outside. Just a thought, ;)

Rose H (UK) said...

Poor Orange Boy, confinde to barracks.
Sid sends commiseration' least Orange Boy is not facing the same prickly situation that she is! LOL
Have a great weekend.
Rose H

Herrad said...

Hi JC,
Poot Orange Boy I hope he is ok.

Judy said...

Well, somebody has to stir up trouble...

Anonymous said...

Yep we fink he is safer there!

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