Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Child Can Dream

As a child, I would sit among them.
My bus was a block away and like usual,
I would miss the first one.
Maybe on purpose since I enjoyed
my visits to the library.
It was big and smelled.
People everywhere.
Me, sitting in the corner,
looking and reading.
Then, I'd look at the clock and run
 just in time to wait
those few moments for the bus,
like I'd been there the whole time.
Only I knew I'd been inside where it was warm.
My mind would have lots to think about
on my long ride.
While others would hold on tight
and look out the window,
I'd be on an adventure that only
a child can dream.
~ JC ~
( I went to a private school.
Wore a sort of ok uniform.
Saddle shoes and white socks.
I loved to sit in the corner
where the Danny Dunn books lived.
This was the big city library.
Not the small one by my house.
I took an hour long bus ride,
always thinking of the adventures
he and I  just had.)

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Remington said...

Great memories....

clairz said...

Oh, you are speaking straight to my heart with this one. I grew up going to libraries on my own and eventually became a librarian. As a child, I loved the dusty forgotten corners with the oldest books.

Mary said...

What a wonderful memory of your childhood library, so full of 'warm fuzzies.'

Helen said...

I really enjoyed the pure innocence of your Magpie. Delightful.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Wow what a great visual that gave me. It is so good that you had such a wonderful library to spend your time at - our library was ok but we didn't get to go there very often when I was a kid.

janis said...

You took me on a little memory road trip with a few variations.. Something about the Library gave me hope & dreams. I could escape and be whatever I wanted as I devoured the pages of books♥
In the summer, we had a magical Bookmobile that came to my neighborhood & parked across the street from my house♥

Webster said...

I love libraries. I grew up 1/2 block away from one, and went there often. But your story reminded me of my high school days. I too went to a private high school which was an hour (by two busses) away. And I would often stop at the main branch in downtown Seattle after school just for fun. I would often get various sheet music and use one of their piano rooms to play in, or listen to different music.

They have totally remodeled the Seattle Main Branch - It would be fun to go up for a visit sometime.

Jinksy said...

I always found moving buses too bumpy to read - I opted for people watching!

Lucy Westenra said...

I remember the feelings and anticipations that you describe so cogently.

Noll's Nip said...

The library of my childhood had this wonderful, musty smell to it. I kind of miss that.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Oh! reminds my human of being young!

Jingle said...

very cute recalling of your early experience with books.
eloquent and fun piece.

Bee's Blog said...

How many of us did exactly this as children I know I did. Nice write. Thank you for the memory.

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