Saturday, March 19, 2011

Speed Shopping

Today was try on clothes day.
 I did.
(upcoming trip to warm Arizona)
Nothing fit.
And, I mean
After a good cry,
I decided that I need to shop.
If bigger is better,
 than new clothes it will be.
I only have one day to do this.
(tomorrow is booked)
On Monday think of me
doing a speed shopping event.
(I feel better typing this out.)
I thought I might not fit a few things.
Not every cute dress I own.
The one that did fit made me look like a box.
I know I am one but
 if I didn't like what I looked like
why would I make the peoples in Arizona.
I cried up in the closet.
I came downstairs and cried in my cola.
I cried big tears on the deck.
Telling Mr. Boatman that I was
an old fat lady.
He thought I said that I was an
old cat lady.
 Which I am but seriously.
Now, to find five cute outfits in one day.
I can do this don't you think ...
~ JC ~


Kea said...

Oh, I do hate clothes shopping, because I'm such a short, chubby pear-shape that it's hard to find anything suitable.

Good luck!

Go for a few neutral bottoms that you can mix and match and brighten up with colourful tops and/or accessories. :-)

Judy said...

I agree with that advice! Have some fun shopping on Monday! Think of all the fun you are going to have in Arizona!!!

janis said...

no tears... Im an old fat lady too! And it's so weird because HONESTLY.. I use to be dangerously thin and had to have a Dietician help me to gain a normal weight. Now Im fighting to not outgrow clothes! so weird. Ive done that speed shopping before.. Very scary. Luck to you! Just focus on Arizona

Webster said...

I, too, hate clothes shopping. It is why I get most things from the Land's End catalog. If I wore dresses, they even sell those, but mostly casual clothing. If you're going to a Nordstom or J.C.Penney or Macy I suggest getting a sales clerk and hang on to her, find your size and stay in the dressing room and have her do the taking out of the don't-wants and bringing in of some more to try. You will get things that go together and dresses you might not have chosen for yourself but find that you like. Mosst of all, enjoy it for what it is, a necessary evil. (j/k, LOL)

Good luck!

Tillie and Georgia said...

Just think of the fun you will have trying ;)Good luck!
Thank you for your purrs for Mickey.
We really miss him and it will take
a while to get used to him not being here.
Purrs Tillie and Georgia

LeAnn said...

Ahhhhh I feel your pain!!!
Get out there and buy yourself some cute stuff. Just because some of us are bigger doesn't mean we cant still be stylish.

Purrfect Haven said...

we know what you mean and always shop online if we can but even that can be a huge disappointment. Mrs H wishes she was good enough to creater her own clothes. Love Darcy, Bingley and Helen xxx

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