Friday, January 21, 2011

Born with it ...

Do you check to see who the blog of the day is ?
(Blog of the day is what they call blog of note.
 Each day there is a new one. )
I do every once in a while.
That's how I found a few of my favorites.
Today is someone who draws.
And, I thought how amazing that is.
Not the drawing exactly but having a skill.
I do not have one.
Don't play the piano, cook, na da, nothing.
I can't even imagine what it feels like to
be that good at something.
Anything ..
I'm just a semi average gal.
Strolling through life.
Enjoying what I see and hear.
Ok, not always but you get the idea.
I have done nothing grand or fabulous.
Not famous for anything really.
What I am is nice.
Maybe that's my talent.
I'm a good listener.
I try to see both sides of every story.
The grey, black and white or purple sometimes.
So, when I see something or someone
who has talent,
I am in wonder.
How did they get it ?
Born with it or working at it for years ?
Had to have some sort of natural skill
don't ya think ?
Anyway, I thought I'd ask you all ...
Do you have a talent ?

(I'm asking all this while I eat
my banana. The things you
do when eating lunch.)


Noll said...

You are nice :) You are also talented. Your photos, your writing are wonderful.

LeAnn said...

Maybe you are waiting for something to be too obvious-- too grand. All skills start small. Talent gets discovered. I think you are a good encourager and a loving friend to the furs and the fleshies. Your writing is coming along beautifully and you take great pictures. Develope what you have.. practise.. experiment. You are unique-- there is no one else exactly like you. You are still here for a reason. Go for it!

LeAnn said...

PS What is the Blog of the Day?

Nancy said...

No, not really. I like to cook and have some success at it, but I'm not as talented as I would like to be :-)

For some reason I never check Blog of Note, despite being given the honor. I wouldn't have known unless people had commented and had congratulated me. I wonder how many wonderful blogs I'm missing?

I love the mental image of you eating a banana and thinking these thoughts.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We have seen the blog of the day... but aren't exactly sure where. We think you have talent ... you are what you do. You have a way with words.

ellen abbott said...

people tell me all they time they wish they had a talent, that they could draw like me. But you know, there are many talents I wish I had. I think everyone has a talent. Hard to discover your own when you are wishing after someone else's. There are all kinds of talents, not just artistic ones. My sone had two talents. he's a finder and a fixer.

Webster said...

I used to have a talent - playing the piano. I was never, nor ever would be, a virtuoso, but I had the ear for it, and the touch. But my small hands would always have held me back. So I let it go. Part of any talent is a gift, the other part is consistent hard work. I also didn't like to practice. So there you go.

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