Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Dark

Who took the lights ?

Last night I looked out my window and there was something missing. The darkness was there. Only I had put up lots of lights. I walked out into the rain, it's always raining here, and there they were. Green strings chewed apart. Very nicely done I might add. Three inch pieces all over my lawn. When I got inside with the strings, I noticed that some of the lights were gone. Yes, GONE.

 Later, I looked out my den window and noticed .. you guessed it ... dark. Where were the big white lights that I'd put on my tree? Out I went again in the rain ... when isn't it ... and as I found the string I notice something missing. All of the big white lights had been chewed off. I brought the string in and was just shocked.

 Those squirrels that visit my yard have gone crazy. They took all my lights. And, if that wasn't enough I  noticed the tree down the driveway. Three strings are out there too.

What kind of crazy is this ?

So, somewhere in my back woods there is a tree all bright and glowing where the squirrels have decorated to their hearts content.
Me, I'm in the dark now. Wondering if I put up new or just watch while they continue to put out one string after another.

I need a drink ...


Kea said...

Very bizarre!

There was just a news story on TV yesterday (or on the weekend perhaps) about a man's outdoor holiday decorations always going out, a connection being broken. He set up a camera and it turned out to be a rabbit--again and again. The same rabbit. Must be in cahoots with your squirrels!

Sally in WA said...

I saw the same story as Kea and immediately thought of it as I read your post. Dang squirrels. Send Riley on a squirrel hunt. I'm sure he'll take care of it. :)

Remington said...

I bet somewhere in a forest somewhere it's really pretty....ha ha!

janis said...

Those mischievous squirrels! I think I read that book about the Squirrel that stole Christmas to my daughters!

Fin said...

How funny! What a cheeky little squirrel.

LeAnn said...

Those squirrels are just NUTS!!
(GET IT???)
Honestly that is the wierdest thing! I bet Riley does wish he could get out there and nab them. Did you see on the Chickens in the Road blog where her cat was bringing a squirrel up to the porch all proud of herself!

Brian said...

The wacky world of squirrels!

Carolina Mountains said...

Wild - I guess they wanted to decorate too! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Darlene said...

That is just to funny. You need to set-up a camera catch them in the act and send to AFV. You could win money with it. You now need to run an extension cord to their tree so they can light up!.

Webster said...

Don't the squirrels realize they need the wires too? Stoopids.

seo said...

Great ideas for decorations

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