Monday, October 4, 2010

Mondays With Meredith Ann

I have my cat food in my blue dish.
Water is fresh.
I'm sitting on my almost white towel ...
add a few dark hairs.
Paws are crossed.
I think I'm ready to tell you about this last week.
(Yes, I have my Mom trained)
 Mom let me stay home.
No in and out of the carrier.
Not that the beach place isn't fun and all.
 I do enjoy a stroll on the deck.
Anyway, I stayed home all week.
Which means I had to put up with
 my little orange bro.
Sure he looks cute and all but he's not really.
 He waits for me to peak out the bonus room door.
Just when I think the path down the hall
 to Mom's room is clear.
 There he is.
 Waiting to pounce on me.
I scream.
 Mom hears me.
She yells at him but I still get scared.
 I'm not too proud to admit it.
Mom tells me I've almost lived here a whole year.
She gives me pep talks
like Mom was ever a cheerleader.
(cat i tude added here)
 She tells me to hit him
with my gorgeous fluffy paw.
 I'm thinking about it.
 It's just that he jumps out of thin air.
 And, what does thin air mean ... really ...
we don't talk weight over here.
 I'm not fat .. I'm fluffy.
Now, what else went on.
 Lots of noise that's what.
Something about that running machine breaking.
 The big boys 
Mr. Boatman and son took it apart
and put a new runner on.
 The mess was terrible.
 I snoopervised
 from my highly appointed position
 on the old entertainment center.
 Entertainment that's the word.
 Nothing like watching them
figure out how to
 put this there and that in where.
A lot of noise came from the garage door
which is just under
 my beloved bonus room.
 Mom told me that Mr. Boatman was
 working on bringing in wood
for the cold Winter.
Cold ... I don't do that.
 She told me something about
 sitting by the fire.
I'd rather do the heater vent.
My furs blow and I take a well deserved nap.
And, you all want to know what
 Mom did don't you ?
 She wrote a bit, she thought a lot,
about moi of course.
She also is planning a trip to wine country.
 What ever that is ...
to practice she did a wine tasting night
 with Mr. Boatman.
There was laughing
going on which again made noise.
The boy brought me out to snoopervise.
Why do they think I'm a toy ?
 Cute yes
 but just because I'm fun
 do I always have to join them.

When I'm not being bothered,
 I sit by the window.
 Listening to the black birds yell at the owls.
 Man they do that a lot.
Mom says she hasn't seen the owls since August.
I have.
There in those darn trees.
 Some day I will have quiet
 but til then I'll just nap when I can.

I've thrown in a few photos
 to let you visualize things.
 Mom says that's good blogging.

Til next week,

Meredith Ann ^,,^
 The Monday Blogging Machine
I'm not really a machine but my crunchy stars
 went to my head
(mew out loud)
 for those of you
who don't speak kitty


Kea said...

Siblings are a big pain in the furry butt; just ask Annie re. Nicki! He's forever bullying her when all she wants is peace. Annie fights back, though!

It seems that you had quite an eventful week, Meredith Ann, with your brother hassling you, with repairs to the running machine, bringing in wood, etc.

We hope this week is more peaceful!

Darlene said...

It sounds like it was quite a busy, yet wonderful week.♥

Miss Kitty said...

Greetings Meredith,

So nice to meet you and we love your fluffy fur.

It seems you have mum trained well now if we can only do the same with siblings. This sis something I do not have to worry about since I will not permit another feline in our house and they know. Even though my big sister wants a kitten.

Wishing you all the best,
Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

Maggie May said...

Meredith Ann, it must be an orange boy thing! Our Ferris and Maya (yes he's a boy named Maya) like to chase us girls sometimes.

Brian said...

Keep trying Meredith Ann, it took my sister Sascha a long time to get used to Sister Zoe and then Sister Dolly...she is just now getting there. You can do it too!

Remington said...

I know what you mean about siblings jumping out at you. My kitty brothers and sisters are smaller than me and like to surprise me. Ozabella does it ALL the time. Then she laughs and laughs. Sounds like you have a busy household. I do hope you get some well deserved rest, my friend.

LeAnn said...

Well done Meredith!!
Those orange boys are all very full of themselves!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Meredith Ann! We are sorry there was so much loud noise there last week! But at least you didn't have to do the in and out thing. And boy, we can all sympathize with the brother attacks - they happen here a lot (we get sister attacks too). We hope that there is a lot less attacking and noise this week - and we agree with your mom - if he jumps just bop him good!

Nancy said...

Meridith Ann is very good at keeping everyone in the loop. Thanks, Meridith Ann.

Judy said...

I know what you mean about siblings - Miss Kitty stays in the basement, where big sister Annie cannot bark at her. That still scares her, after 8 months...

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