Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yesterday I walked a lot

I went to the State Fair.
The quilts were amazing.
There even was a Flip Flop one just for me.
Of course there were Siamese Bunnies.
And big draft horses.
Big pumpkins that were carved.
 I walked around while eating a scone.

(as a child, i went to the fair almost every year. i loved going. the rides were scary .. at least to me. the onion burgers were delic. again, to me. the baby horses and calves were such a thrill. i loved the smells and the dirt. maybe i always wanted to live on a farm. i haven't been to this fair .. the one i went to as a child ... in almost ten years. this time i went early morning. no real crowds. i walked around eating a scone. it wasn't exactly like i had in my mind ... childhood does that to you ... but it still was FUN. no rides for me this time just horses, cows, quilts and flowers. i walked and looked and took photos. i probably won't be back for a long time but at least this child got to walk in that world again. as i drove the hour ride home, i remembered all those times when i went and stayed for hours with my friends. long gone they are but in my memories they will stay forever. what did you do yesterday ?)
~ JC ~


Kea said...

How wonderful! Fairs are such fun, particularly when you go at a less-busy time.

It's been years since I've been to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, but it's a biggie, an international event. The last time I went I first came across some Belgian fillies in a class and promptly burst into tears. My horse soul mate was a work horse, no particular breed, but Polly (childhood neighbour's horse) was about the size and definitely was the chestnut colouring. So I guess seeing the Belgians at the fair triggered the emotional response. It's not the first time I've burst into tears seeing draft horses, though. Growing up, all I wanted to do was spend my life with horses. "Funny" how life takes so many of us down other paths.

Brian said...

The only fair I ever went to was an adoption fair, no fun, I was overlooked. I'm glad you had a good time! I am co-hosting a blog hop today, please hop by and pawticipate!

clairz said...

I love the idea of walking in another world. Love that flip-flop quilt, too. And I've never seen pumpkins carved like that. Thanks for taking us along.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Nice looking bunny!

Anonymous said...

Our beans LOVE to go to fairs!!! We usually go to The Wayne County fair in Honesdale, PA. It's a great time. Costs $8.00 to get in and the rides are free. Which is good, since we have a 4 year old! Scones are yummy! Mom ALWAYS gets a funnel cake and kettle corn there!

Remington said...

Cool! Fairs are so much fun! Thanks for taking us with you....I loved the pics!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

I haven't ever been to the state fair here - but my dad always talked about going as a kid. And of course, I have to ask, since you are out there - is the fair you are talking about the one in Puyallup - because that is the one my dad talked about, and I know it is on now. My grandfather moved there after he sold his house so though I wasn't there during the fair, I have been to the town, which I liked a lot.

The pumpkins were pretty amazing - I can't believe how creative people can be with them. And of course the furries are adorable!

JC said...

Yes, it is the WA State Fair in Puyallup. Listed as being the 8th largest fair. Don't know about that but it was the one I went to as a child.

I now live a bit over an hr away and don't get to my old area .. I live about a half an hour away from the fair.

I go to the smaller fair, also an hour away the other way, Monroe. My H likes that one. Smaller and it has the funny car/bus races.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

State fairs are so much fun, I din't make it ours this year.

Love kitties and doggies.

Dog Trot Farm said...

What beautiful quilts and the carved pumpkins truly amazing. Does the fair in your area offer "dough boys"? For the next three weekends it is fair time for us here in Maine. Looking forward to attending all three, each a little different than the other. In my book there is nothing better than spending the day at an agricultural fair!

Batu said...

Those carved pumpkins are awesome!

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Mom loves the state fair and it just started here!

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