Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shake the green wand

Ashton being cute

It's a wild Saturday
We are at the beach house
Mr. Boatman has secured the deck
That means that the cats can paw around
Without getting out
Everyone but Riley that is ...

Yes, he got off the deck and into the front yard
The front yard is on a sort of busy street
This area gets very busy for the 4th
Indian Reservation sells crackers
 a mile or so away

Everyone comes here to blow them off
The local beach association
 even hires security guards
They block off the entrance to their community
Which means that everyone comes by my
normally (sort of) quiet street

So, imagine me not so happy
When I find my orange striped boy
Chewing grass in the front yard

It took two sort of grown men
(Mr. Boatman and teenage son)
to help me in my adventure

We had the green feather toy
The bag of special food
We sang the Kitty Food Song
(doesn't everyone have one)

He went up the hill
Teenage son circled around
We opened the garage
We had someone by the street
(in case he made a run for it)

I had Mr. Boatman
looking under the deck
Not an easy task

I needed a drink
(too early for that)
So, teenage son got my coffee

I sat on the deck
Singing the Kitty Food song
While shaking the green wand
Sipping cold coffee inbetween 

Mr. Boatman was giving me updates
As to which part of the deck
Riley Andrew was under

After about an hour of this
My boy went for the food

Mr. Boatman says he has fixed the deck
We now have Riley out testing it
I'm in the room that looks out
And, so far the new fix is working

My Boy is sitting in front of it
Trying to figure out
How to squeeze through
or jump off

~ ~ ~

As I was typing he did
figure it out
I sweet talked him
while his orange behind
was ready to jump

He has tasted freedom
He is an indoor only
cat for now

Mr. Boatman has gone
off to figure out another
way to trap
my orange baby boy

Just call him

I'm worn out and it's only 9 am

Happy Almost 4th to All of You

~ JC ~


Kea said...

Ha! He and my Nicki are two peas in a pod. And you probably know what I went through in June to Nicki-proof my fence. LOL.

Good luck trying to outsmart him, but for the record, my money's on Riley. And Nicki. ;-)

ellen abbott said...

Oh those sneaky kitties!

Lyn said...

Oh naughty Riley!
They are so clever those cats!

Pam said...

Bad kitty cat! Mine have been busy ridding the street of it's bunny population, very bad kitty cats!

Purrfect Haven said...

yep... these tinkers always find a way, don't they. Fab poem. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xx

Darlene said...

Oh my word what an adventure!! How scary that he got out into the front yard. Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend.♥

Cheyenne -Millie said...

My! What adventures Riley has! I am an indoor kitty... I nevers has been out (cept to the vet) since mom caught me 8 years ago.

Brian said...

I hope you have a come and kitty-escape free weekend! He's probably plotting his next move right now.

Everyday Goddess said...

I love that, a Kitty Food Song!

JC said...

My five Purr Balls are indoor only at home. At the beach, there are go out on the deck.

The beach house is a 3 story with a basement. Thus, the first story .. the one with the wrap around deck .. is two stories high on the back side .. and one on the front.

We had a fancy gate put in on the side were it goes to one story. Had them make it kitty proof. It is except for my skinny Riley who can get his head through it.

He also is my kitty who can stand on his back feet like a kangaroo. He is poly on all four feet.

He now knows he is ok so he keeps trying. He can now jump to the railing which is a see through glass kind. We are talking an inch tops on top.

Mr. Boatman has put wire along the bottom of the metal gate. (it was a designer gate with fish and craps put on it ... since we are at the beach and all)

He now has put an old dog wire gate on the top of the gate ... hanging from the deck ceiling. He has an old closet wire shelf on the top of the one inch deck top. He has wire on every opening in between the glassed see through ...

Riley jumped on the part that wasn't wired and tried to jump two stories down ... that's when I sweet talked him and he didn't jump.

Ah, the love of his Mom saved him and me the worry of catching him again ....

JC said...

I meant crabs on the gate ...
The beach puter stuff is very very old and I'm lucky to be able to post anything while I'm here ..

Happy 4th to all of You ... If I don't get to post ...

clairz said...

Oh, my, I think that all of us with animals have stories like this. Think of the amount of time we've all spent trying to lure our little darlings away from places they shouldn't go.

Although I'm sorry you all had to go through this, you did give me a giggle with your telling of the tale!

Noll's Nip said...

Oh, there's nothing worse than a cat on the loose! I've had my share of crawling on hands and knees and peering under a deck. Have a Happy Fourth :)

Webster said...

You might have to go electric on Riley. Electric fence wire around the deck and a collar on the kitties that need them (Riley).

I read a blog by a woman in Alabama who moved into the country. They fenced in an area of the back yard with electric fence, and have collared three or four of their 12 cats. At this time there are no problem kitties, but last year one kept getting out- even with his collar- and was eventually killed by some local wildlife. I know sad story.

As you said, it's probably best, and easier, to just keep Riley sequestered in the house. He will hate you for it, though.

LeAnn said...

Riley, Riley, Riley.....

Batu said...

Happy 4th of July to you! Cool poem/song!

JC said...

Update ~ I let all five out on the deck for a 4th of July Meowning paw about. Four did fine. Riley cried like crazy .. while I made my coffee. I let him out as soon as I had a cup in hand. Off he went, with me sort of running ... I'm too old to really run ... just imagine white bathrobe and an old lady ... he got there before me but I got to the railing before he did. He was trying to figure out a way to slip between the gate and where it goes up against the house.

Then, he ran to the other side of the deck ... now, imagine me once again ... trying to run ... ok, I stopped for a sip of coffe ... there he was sitting on a board that sticks out ... two stories up ... he thought about it for a minute or two .. and for now .. has decided that he isn't jumping down to the ground ...

After my work out, I must have gone back and forth six times ... I got his cute orange behind .. and took him back in the house.

The other four just sat out there enjoying their meowning.

They are all back in now.

May the crazy noises of the 4th of July begin ...

Aoise said...

Naughty Riley, being a houdini like that !

Feral Female said...

Those sneaky kittens! Mine zip out whenever they can as well.

Judy said...

So glad the escape went so mildly, and the boy is back safe and sound!!!

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