Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Back ...

Jasmine & Riley watching Bird TV
As you can see, Bird TV is back.
I couldn't take the sad faces.
I now put the feeders and suets
out in the meownings.
It's for their entertainment
 as much as it is for mine.
Even I enjoy a little bird action in the meowning.
Each night I take the feeders and suets down.

It's been one week since my bear visited.
When thinking it over,
 which you do when a bear visits,
I can think of four or five other times
 where I heard a late night noise.
The suets had been knocked to the ground.
One time the feeder pole was broken in half.
Each time we thought it was the local raccoons.
Yes, I have several of those.
Mr. Boatman even thought it was a deer.

Anyway, I am a slave to my cats.
They just looked at me this meowning
when I was about to sit down.
(Imagine first cup of coffee in hand)
Like ... What did you forget to do ?
(As only a Siamese can make that look)
And, I answered them with ... Turn TV on .. duh.
(Riley was already looking out the window
 and had turned back to me with that orange look.
 One eyebrow up.
 With the, Hurry along now, look)
Garage door opening for the second time
 before seven am.
(The pleasure in that would be
 that it might wake up my teenage son.)
And, now that my work is done
 I can enjoy my meowning coffee.

How's your meowning so far ?


Kea said...

Yay, they have their kitty TV channel back! :-)

That makes sense, to take everything down at night, safe from hungry bears and other critters.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Jacqueline said...

My girls LOVE their Bird TV as well; Calle and Sukki chirp back at them, it's really adorable!...Happy day to everyone!

Darlene said...

I think that is a great idea to put it up and take it down. YAY for bird TV being back! I now call it that in my home too because my two LOVE watching it!!!!

Lyn said...

Lucy brought me a live mouse this morning just as I was about to have breakfast!

Cat said...

It's just as much fun for us to watch the kitties watching bird tv as it is for them! Do your guys make the chattering sound? Out of my boys, only Ben makes the sound.

ellen abbott said...

And I'm sure the birds had come to depend on the feeders.

Cindy said...

Wonderful thing to have bird TV. Now that they've put you through your paces you can sit down and relax.

Feral Female said...

Can`t beat bird tv!

My MIL takes in all her feeders every night due to black bears.

cats of wildcat woods said...

I left my hummingbird feeder up but have not put the others feeders back. When the bears try to get into the cat screen area I don't want to take any chnaces with them coming back. Glad you can put your feeders up!

Romeo said...

Ah well, it's good to see that you've come to your senses! Kitty TV is as important as...well your meowning coffee! See how important that Kitty TV is?!? Coffee for Mom and TV for the kids and no one gets hurt. Quite simple really!

Bears eh? YIKES! Biggest thing I've seen at our feeder was a fat old white faced possom. Being the wise cat that I am I ran off the other way and beat the door down until "she" opened it. Not messing with no fat possom, nope! And a bear?!? You'd find me on the roof thank you! So equally as important...bring the TV in at night!

I hope you have a nice bearless week! Nope make that n month.....or so!



Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Give them a remote control!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Even if the bear is still in the neighborhood, he will have no reason to stop at your yard.

It is hard to say no to any cat when they look at you with those huge, unblinking eyes.

Junior and Orion said...

Bird TV is the best!!!!!!!!!

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