Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Squirrely Situation

Now, you may all call me
The Squirrel Rescue Lady
Yes, yesterday my title of
Old Lady Who Lives In The Woods
With Cats & Dogs changed
Due to the dogs of course
Now, also known as
 Goofy One and Crazy Two

I let them out back
They see a squirrel
(of course I don't know that yet)
They run and bark
I yell ... stop barking
I get them to come to me

I go over and there it was
Poor squirrel

I go inside to find a rescue place

Only it's over three hours away
and in a city I've only heard of
but haven't a clue where it is
I asked in my best panic voice
Is there one closer
Well, yes there is

Only half an hour away
 in the middle of nowhere land
I say ... I can find nowhere land

So, I call this new place
They tell me to bring it in
The lady on the phone said I had to pick
 it up with rubber gloves and put it in a box with towels
I found several shop rags
You know the kind that are small and white
Well, not so white after Mr. Boatman uses them
(not to worry ... I only took the ones that were on the shelf)

Off I go into the woods ... not really ... it was in the area
that I refer to as my Dog's Den
A nice dirt area she's made by a couple of ferns
She has her toys ... old and dirty but still in a pile

There in a fern is my squirrel
Panting but still alive
Think ... IT'S ALIVE

I pick up said squirrel
Put it in the box
And, off I go
In search of the rescue vet

Mean while my migraine
that was lingering has joined me
for the joy ride
Every once in a while the box
made noises thus I knew this
adventure was not in vane

Down the hill I go
and it's a big  LONG hill
Drive to here
Drive to there
(went the wrong way had to turn back)
Finally find this little place

I imagine I looked odd
Old woman coming in
with a box with rubber gloves on top

Nope, within a few minutes
in comes a box with a bird
A lunch box with baby chicks

Ends up everyone goes to this little vet
I fill out the forms
Come home
Thinking well I've done a good deed
Donate on line after calling the place
To see how I can sort of pay for the squirrel

All in all it was an interesting morning
Stopped by our vet to see if
Crazy Two & Goofy One
Could get rabies or something like that
from having a squirrel
in their mouths
The answer was no
I hope the lady at the front desk
knew what she was saying ...

Came back and filled in the
hole that let the squirrel
into the yard

Made myself a fresh cup of java
for that migraine
and started the rest of my day

What did you do ?


Remington said...

WOW now that was quite the adventure!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I hope the little guy will be ok. That is great you have a vet that donates his time to wildlife!!!

Noll's Nip said...

You're an WONDERFUL crazy cat lady with a couple of dogs who rescues squirrels on the side ;)

Kea said...

Well, my day certainly was not adventurous! I hope the little squirrel makes it. Wonderful of you to rescue it and take it to the vet. As for the dogs getting rabies...I thought to get rabies you had to be bitten by a rabid animal. Which, I suspect, is an *extremely* rare occurrence!

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a morning you had! You are an angel to that little squirrel. And, as for the Blue Buffalo foods? The kitties ALL (shockingly) LOVE it! we got the Spa Selects Indoor formula. There;s always that one who is finicky, but to my surprise, they all agreed on it. I got a small bag as a tester and will continue with the 9~Lives Daily Essentials, but use this as a filler from time to time.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Wow, what an adventure - and a good learning experience in case you need it in the future. I took baby birds once - and the place was of course closed (I knew of one that was nearby) so I went to the vet office down the block and they took them til the nature place opened. I learned that a great thing for hungry baby birds is wet cat food (from the vet - I didn't just randomly try it). It is good that you were able to help that squirrel out!

Junior and Orion said...

That was very nice of you to rescue that squirrel. All we did was sleep and eat and bug Meowm.

Jacqueline said...

I hope the squirrel makes it...I tried to rescue a few squirrels over the years and held them close like babies, they were very sweet; they didn't bite me so I wasn't afraid of getting anything from them...Good for you; love your kind heart.

Brian said...

I took a nap, but you done good!!!

ellen abbott said...

Good for you. I had to take a little baby squirrel in once that had fallen out of it's nest after a storm.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Well done.

Feral Female said...

What an adventure!!

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