Thursday, February 25, 2010

Three Times The Fun On Tortie Thursday

Meredith Ann is not only seeing her double
She is seeing her Triple

This is my Thursday Update
The nice sunny days have now turned
back into the moist yucky
don't want to go outside
colder achy causing
Winter days
I so enjoyed the warm weekend
A visit into the future
Spring is coming
And, my lilacs are coming back
Oh, yes they are
the deer did not eat them
away from me
Course they are protected
by an odd wire fence
but Lilacs in any form
will bring me such
I can't even express to you
the inner child in me
the contentment of
smelling a Lilac
I could walk in
fields of them
Instead, I will hope
for the aroma
to make it's way
to my yard
(the two in my backyard are still
a lost dream in a wooded forest)
Meaning ... that after fourteen years
they have maybe one or two blooms
and I go running out the door
Ok, running is a bit much
I walk out there and sniff what I can
Man, if I could only have the trees
my Mother had in her yard
And, as I've gotten off on a
vent here ..
 I will drink my coffee
and get started on my list
Things to do
Cats to pet
Plans to make
Maybe drop by that nursery
to see
just looking
if they have big Lilacs bushes
Remember, I'm a crazy cat lady
living in the woods
surrounded by
Purrs & Fur
and birds
Lots and lots and lots
of Birds
~ ^,,^ ~


Kea said...

In the woods, surrounded by purrs and birds is the best place to be. And oh how I wish I could still smell! I lost that ability a number of years ago, due, I think, to perpetual allergies. I can't smell lilacs anymore, or anything else for that matter. So whether your trees get one bloom or two, at least you will be able to appreciate their scent. :-)

Jacqueline said...

Sounds like a great life in the woods!...Spring will be here soon!!...Very cute picture of 3 Meredith Anns!!...xo...Calle,Halle, Sukki

Darlene said...

What a great picture of Meredith Ann!! LOVE it. YAY that your lilacs are coming back out. Sounds like it is wonderful living in the woods with all your cats!!!♥

The Creek Cats said...

We love three times the Meredith Ann!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Surrounded by purrs and fur sounds like a great place to be! And what a cute picture of Meredith Ann!

I love lilacs too - they remind me of my childhood, and going to the lilac parade it the town where I lived - very happy times!

Love Meow said...

It is still very cold here, though its stopped snowing and the sun has finally come out. We are waiting for Spring to come and we are running out of patience. Meredith Ann looks so beautiful in this picture. I love it! :)

clairz said...

Now, that's a great shot.

Darlene said...

You have placed the scent of lilacs into my head, this is a good thing as over the next three days we will be getting up to 12 inches of snow, blowing and drifting. But atleast there are the kitties and doggies to keep us warm. Smile

Brian said...

I totally love that picture!

Lucy the Cat said...

What a great picture of Meredith Ann! I love the shadows.

Gosh, you make want to stop at nothing to get a sniff of a lilac!

Batu said...

That is a really clever photo!

Laoch of Chicago said...

Great photo!

Sammy and Andy said...

What a unique pic of Meredith Ann....she is gorgeous. Our mamabug asks that you please enjoy the lilacs for her......she grew up enjoying them every Spring, but she can't grow them down here because of the soil and the heat.....even after living down here for 35 years, she still yearns for them in the Spring. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Carolina Mountains said...

I love the smell of lilacs too. Roses and lical - my favorites. We had a huge lilac bush in our yard before we moved here - will miss it!

Junior and Orion said...

My Grandmother had lilac bushes! I loved them. My Mom has had a honeysuckle vine crawling up a cahin link fence suspended outside her bedroom window. When the window is open and you walk by you can smell the honeysuckle. It's wonderful!

Junior and Orion's Meowm

critterlover said...

That is a great shot!

I love lilacs too, not for the same reasons as you, you have quite a deep connection to them, but I did plant a low growing lilac in my front yard in your honor :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog look JC!! And especially love the pictures of your furbabies - they're all so CUTE! Yvonne

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

You asked why all my cats had special diets so I answered you on my post! Mostly for chronic health isses - since most are over 10 years old. Come by to see why!

JC said...

CritterLover ~ Wow .. what an honor .. I absolutely love Lilacs. That would be the flower for me when I pass. Plant one on top of my ashes ... remind Mr. Boatman of that will ya !!!

Yvonne ~ visit more often girlie ^,,^

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