Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Three Boys

Three Boys on Tuesday
(Ashton, Riley & Al)

I currently have Jasmine Marie sitting my my leg
Helping me type
She's purring away
What a great snooperviser she is

I had a bad day yesterday
My migraine friends came to visit
Blurry relationship we have
Always on their terms
Went away after a few hours but left me
Feeling like I couldn't do what I had on my list
As it is, those dishes waited for me
That vacumn took the day off with me
The laundry piled up
Even though I thought I had lots to do
Everything waited for me
So, today even though my right side
is still lingering in the wrong aisle
I will try with TRY in large caps
to get something done today

And, as I know you would all be wondering
I had Cracklin Oat Bran for breakfast
Maddy Jean & Bella of course shared
One for me
One for Maddy Jean
One for Bella
A sip of coffee
And one for me


Kea said...

Sweet photo!

Very sorry you had a migraine, but glad for the comfort of your fur family. Never mind the housework; it'll still be there when you feel better.

Sending healing Light and purrs and kitty kisses.

-Kim and the fur crew from Fuzzy Tales

The Creek Cats said...

We hope those migraine monsters stay far, far away!! Sending you lots of healing vibes!

Anonymous said...

Hoping your migraine is gone by the time you're reading this!

Lyn said...

Cats are so helpful aren't they?
Hope you are feeling better.

The Monkeys said...

Migraines are awful and we hope yours goes away quickly! Delilah likes to give me a face claw massage when I have a headache, that is surprisingly relaxing...

Kris said...

Aw, the orange and black remind me of my cats from when I was younger. So cute

ellen abbott said...

So sorry about the headache. My daughter suffers from headaches, not just migraines. they started when she got pregnant the first time and have never gone away.

Darlene said...

The boys are so cute! Sorry you had a migraine. I HATE those and get them about two days each month. They definitely PUT ME DOWN. All I can do is try to sleep and not get sick and put a prescription patch on that I have.

Hope you are feeling better this evening with some furry friends for comfort.♥

ButterBean said...

Migraines are bad juju friend ... Momy has them too sometimes and she dont even want us around when they come .. bad bad bad

The Island Cats said...

What a great view you all have from that window!

Catline Crew said...

That's a very sweet photo. Hope you migraine went away.

Busby and Raymond said...

Hope you are feeling better now!

critterlover said...

No more migraines! Bad migraines. be gone! Those furry balls of love there, they'll take care of them for you. They wont likely do the household chores... but, well... you know.

My chores are still waiting for me as well. They'll be there when I can be up and around for more than 20 minutes without needing a nap. Sigh.

Webster said...

I'm sorry about your migraine. I've only had a few, but they were doozies!

I eat my Cracklin' Oat Bran dry accompanied by a glass of milk, and coffee of course. Laugh if you will, but they don't go all mushy on me that way.

I can see that your boys aren't really looking at you, but they are paying close attention!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Isn't that always the way. The work piles up and waits, staring back at us accusingly:)

Great photo of the guys gathered there in front of the window.

Noll's Nip said...

I love your header photo. Sorry to hear you had yet another migraine. Purrs to you!

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