Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cheap Bird Seed

Just in case you wanted to know what I did today

I'm just going to say it
I Hate Cheap Bird Seed
The birds throw it on the ground
It grows grass
I have to get my hula hoe
Dig Dig
Throw over the hill
Damn cheap bird seed
Never again


Kritter Keeper said...

i quit buying that stuff years ago...birds are driving me crazy though...still being hogs despite the warmer weather this week...

Noll's Nip said...

You are so right! I learned the hard way too. You think you are saving money. Now, I just get the better stuff heavy on the black sunflower seeds.

Naturegirl said...

Yes we all learn our lesson with "cheap bird seed"
I was humbled by your latest comment on my blog..she was an amazing glad you took the time to meet her spirit.
Feeling good thanks to you and others regularly stopping by to leave me healing words. love and light aNNa xoxox

Brian said...

Now that's a good idea, bird seed, never thought of that, maybe I'll plant me a few. How long till the birds bloom?

Busby and Raymond said...

Our problem here isn't so much the cheap birdseed, it's our neighbor cat who likes to sit under our feeder.

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Feeding the winter birds is what I do. The suet cakes found in Home Depot attract many Nuthatches, Chickadees, Downy Woodpeckers and Flickers. They like to hang from wire feeders upside down and feed. Cardinals and Sparrows like to peck around on the ground. This year huge flocks of Robins, I thought they migrated?, are feeding on my Holly berries and the purple berries of the Callicarpa shrub. I used two large heavy terra cotta colored plastic planter trays, which I placed on wire stands as feeding trays. Birds love them and the seeds stay off the ground.
Someone I know in South Carolina bought one of those metal water heater trays and uses that for her feeder. She drilled a few small holes in it for drainage, and placed it up on a stand off the ground. I saw many Black Capped Chickadees on her feeder.

The Paw Relations said...

We don't have to buy bird seed as out mum chucks out the seed that that out parrots don't eat for the birds.

Parrot seed, strangly because it's for a parrot to eat and not a garden bird is very expensive.

Webster said...

Well, we use cheap bird seed, and once they have eaten and tossed it out of the feeder we give them a few days to eat it off the ground. Of course, with kitties around, the sneaky little buggers, we have found a way to dissuade them while allowing the birds to still feed: thorny branches beneath the feeder prevents the cats from pouncing - they learn quickly that it hurts too much and is just not worth it. So, it is a win-win, for us and the birdies.

Nancy said...

I didn't think we bought cheap bird sead but the birds are not visiting much - of course we are expecting about ten feet of snow over the next few days. Maybe that's why they're not visiting.

Forever Foster said...

It's good of you to look after the birds.

Darlene said...

Tell me about it, that cheap stuff pretty much as seeds the birds do not like, it ends up in my case in my gardens where come spring there is a carpet of grass, and like you I must pulled or hoe out. I tried sunflower seeds which grow into nice plants, except when you use the black hulled seeds, something in the shells prevents anything from growing where they lay. So have have taken to using cracked corn, suet cakes and fresh suet. Plus the birds make stops by the barn to pick through the grain left for the geese, and scraps of bread I throw there. They also love picking through the manure pile for seeds, plus the warmth makes their toes toasty.

JC said...

My bird feeder is hanging from a branch and the bird seed falls on the bark. I love having the birds eat the seed on the ground. Only after a while, green appears. I hoe away & shovel it ... off the cliff area we have. Down the hill it goes ... for the other wooded animals to enjoy.

My other feeder is on my porch & the same problem happens.

Both of these are for bird tv. I have a suet on the tree a bit further out. Still viewable from the bird tv spots ... living room & den windows.

I have suets by the trees by the fence and on the tree by the den.

I have trouble with squirrels. I have huge, big, medium and babies ... Have to get those tops.

Need to find one of those bird feeder poles to hang my feeders on ..

And, the cheap seed was 15 ... I bought a better bag for 25 ... not as many of the small ... grass growing ... seeds.

What I do for bird tv ...

janis said...

I am so ADD. I was sidetracked by how pretty the Bird seed photo is. then got to laughing at Brian's comment. Too funny!
I think I will get a new bird feeder. I do not have one at this house. I wil try not to buy the cheap crap :)

Cat said...

I get mine from OSH and it doesn't sprout, but it goes over the patio. We may move the feeder over to a place the seeds will fall on the soil, then the may sprout, but oh well I'll just have more to weed.

Herrad said...

Hi JC,
Came by to say hi and wish you a good day.

Anonymous said...

We gave you an award over at our blog. Come see!

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