Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Updates

It's Friday Meowning. At least I think it is, still dark out there.
Was so much fun to take the girls out for their walk in the back yard. NOT .. downpour .. only I waited as long as I could. Had two faces looking at me .. imagine your college days and the wait in line. OK, I think you know what I mean. So, on goes my raincoat and out we go. Note the last word there. YUCKY ... even my shoes got soaked.

After that I made my coffee. It's in the Swan Lake cup for two reasons. One, it's a big cup and two, I've been getting mail about the ballet. Lovely photos they put on those flyers. Only I've been to the ballet. Spent major bucks and had what was supposed to be a good seat. Had a grand time but oh mama ... that's an expensive evening.  My DD wanted to get something from their shop. I being the coffee lover and the one who knew I wouldn't be back anytime soon, bought a big mug. Now I have the lovely swan at my finger tips. 

Mr. Boatman is coming home. As I type, he is on his flight. He left sometime last evening while I was watching TV. Grey's Anatomy to be exact. I told Meredith she needed to watch but being the social butterfly that she seems to be, she had other things to do. 

I was thinking last night, that I had just gotten used to being by myself. I like having the bed to myself and when I say that I mean with cats and dogs added. There aren't as many dishes. We, son & I, don't eat as much when Mr. Boatman is gone. The garbage was almost empty. Laundry was almost nothing.

Basically, it's been more fun than I thought it would be. I missed him but I didn't miss miss him. I'll be glad to see him but it sure was quiet and I liked it.

Bella is doing well. Uses her bionic leg a lot. I let her come upstairs in meownings. Her leg sometimes goes to the side but I think she's doing great.

And, that is the Friday Update ...

How was your week ...
What are you doing this weekend ...
How are your dogs & cats ...
Inquiring minds in the rain want to know ...


ellen abbott said...

Going into the city on Saturday to a party.

It's raining here and when that happens, Emma the cat goes from door to door looking for the one where it's not raining outside and when she can't find it she complains to us.

Brian said...

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!! We're gonna have some window whiffin time and hide from the vacuum thingy!!!

JC said...

My Purr Gang is going to do the same. The vacumn is coming out of the closet ...

My new kitty, Meredith, doesn't seem to mind the noise.

Junior and Orion said...

You have a crush on us? We are very flattered!!!!!

Lyn said...

We are fine thanks for asking!
I too like having the big bed to myself when Hubby is away!!

Laoch of Chicago said...

Nice to hear that the canine is coping well.

Noll's Nip said...

Went out to lunch with my girlfriend today. Ohio State beat Michigan. All the cats are well. Life is good :)

Cheri said...

We have a warm weekend with rain coming so spent the day putting plastic up on the cat shelter. They are not ahppy that the view is covered up but for the windows!

koralee said...

Lots of rain here too...Have fun with your husband being back. Thanks for visiting me.

Judy said...

Hi, JC - I am slowly recovering from my bad spell, and catching up on all that I have missed when I could not cope with blogs. Today is grey, so I guess it is good that I am working again this afternoon. I brought some stuff home from our walk, to try some macro photos in decent light.
I have decided that, since the financial situation is starting to look up, that I can put the word out to the universe that I am looking for another cat. When Phoebe died, I had to tell myself the next one would have extra toes, to keep me away from the Humane Society while we could not afford the costs, and now I have to find a nice cat with extra toes, age and colour negotiable.

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~ Jose N. Harris

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