Saturday, October 24, 2009

I had a list ... Part Two

Update On Hazel
(I'm not in town. I'm at the beach house.
Thus, I haven't had a chance to get
back to the PetSmart yet)
I looked and looked and looked
I finally found her information
No Photo but at least now
I know her story
(I didn't have my glasses on
when I was looking at her
information. I remembered that
she had kittens and that she
was in foster. I knew that the group
sponsoring her started with a P)

Domestic Short Hair [Mix]

Small Adult Female Cat Pet ID: 24570 Printer friendly Email a friend More About Hazel Hazel and her adorable kittens Harper, Hannah, Holly, Hayley, and Helga are a sweet kitty family found as strays in Lake Stevens. They were taken to a local shelter and rescued by Purrfect Pals. These adorable kitties were placed in a loving foster home where they have thrived. They enjoy being with people and are very affectionate! They have been viral tested, microchipped, altered, and vaccinated.

Hazel is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.
My Contact InfoPurrfect Pals
Arlington, WA

OK, I'm in trouble ...
Last night Mr. Boatman takes me out shopping.
I needed to go to PetSmart for supplies.
I even had a list.
Miss Organized is my new name.

List ~
bird suets,
bird seed,
cat litter,
look for Elizabethan Collars for Bella
(I saw a cat one in a catalog that was soft)
look for Cat Christmas cards
look at the cats up for adoption

Do you want to guess which one got me in trouble ?

Her name is Hazel.
She is a one and half year old calico.
It was the end of the day and
 they had the cats out playing.
Hazel was a stray with kittens.

I'm in LOVE.
Mr. Boatman says I can have her if
she's still there in two weeks.
We don't need another cat.

Does anyone want her ?
I'm in so much trouble.
I know this feeling.
Five is a good number .. Right ?


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yep, we guessed.

STUEY said...

Hey what's one more, I said that too and now we have Gizzie! When it is right you just know it. And I know you have the love to give. Hope to hear you get her. Dar. Yes I do have to meezers. And if I saw another one I would probably get that one too!

Noll's Nip said... big sister Dar (Stuey)! When I had three cats and was contemplating a fourth, she said to me, once you get past two, three,'s no big deal. She has around 10 (I lose count of how many are barn kitties). I once had five. I'm holding at 4 right now. Listen to your heart. You'll make the right decision.

Karen said...

Go get her can never have too many cats! lol

Kritter Keeper said...

naugh, 5 is not good but 8 is! :~) she needs a good home and yours is purrfect...get her babies too!

janis said...

Awe! What a big heart! I had four at one time but also a few dogs. I cant in=magine not having my furry lovies! Are you really going to make Hazel wait two weeks??? What if someone takes her that should not? She needs you! Go get her!

Pop and Ice said...

Oh, lucky, lucky Hazel! At least she'll have you if no one else will have her. Our vet bills were just so crippling the last few years that we'e limited ourselves to just the two we have (also since I'm unemployed). But since we're responsible for my Mom's cat, Lacy, we really have three because she's ours if anything happens to Mom.

Webster said...

Just five? Check out Robyn at With her fosters, and her regulars, she currently has 22 cats/kittens. Crazy, but she takes such good care of them.

They also have two pigs (for food, not pets, for whom she makes "piggerdoodles." And a flock of chickens, for meat and eggs. AND two Great Pyrenees to protect them from the hawks that like to swoop down from the trees.

She does swear a lot, but not in a mean way, and she can be very, very funny. Also, LOTS of pictures. New posts Monday-Friday only.

If the Calico is still there in two weeks, give OR TAKE a two, swoop her up. What's one more cat?

Fin said...

Five is fine...

LeAnn said...

5 cats?
Don't make me laugh.
Go get her, JC!!
She would thank her lucky stars!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Its hard for me to pass those kitties at Pet Smart. Often I hear them calling my name;) I DO have enough, I must keep repeating that.

JC said...

I looked up my county info on how many I can have. No limits on indoor altered cats.

So, now I have to decide if it's the right time to bring in a new cat.

With Bella having surgery on Thursday ...

I might go down to the place ... need cat food don't I ... and I'll see if she's still there. If she is, I'll see if I can sit with her for a while.

I did print off the application paper yesterday ...

Mr. Boatman is going to be upset with me ....

Oh well ... I'll let you know what I decide ...

Judy said...

i know what you mean - when the second last cat died (last is in my lap now), the only way i could get through it was to insist to myself that the next one has to be polydactyl, and stay out of petsmart! having been unemployed two years (temp and casual don't count in vet bills), there was no ither thing i could do

critterlover said...

Oh my. Yes, Petsmart gets me in trouble often. I went for cat food and came home with our first Great Dane, Sir.

Maggie, my lovely Maine Coon Calico is a Petsmart adoption. I adopted her for my Grandma, who's since passed and now she's my girl.

5, that's nuthin'. I'm at 8 with 2 dogs. LOL. (was 9)

But it is a hard time, with Bella's surgery coming up and all the care she'll need. A new kitty does stir up fur in the house.

It's so hard not to fall head over heals for them.

There comes a time in your life when you walk away from all of the drama and the people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right and pray for those who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is part of life, getting back up is living.

~ Jose N. Harris

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