Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just A Nice Day ...

In the evening known as Sunday, I am looking into the future ...
Monday and the week ahead.
I had a lovely ... isn't that a great word .. day. Mostly by myself.
As most of my days seem to be.
It was warm out for a Fall day. High seventies which is rather nice.
I worked a bit in the yard with the girls .. of course ... coming out with me.
Anytime I left Maddy Jean in the back, to go in the front.
She would bark to let me know that I wasn't .. there ... right when she wanted me to be.
Maddy is a funny dog. She was a Winter puppy and has always had me be out with her.
She still needs me to go outside with her. She turns her head to look at me ... to make sure
that I'm staying. She plays in her den ... a fern hill with toys hidden here and of course there.
I wait til she is usually running with a football or on her back in the dirt.
She'll still look but keep playing. Not today though. She needed me to be with her.
I gave up working on the front yard and went in the back with her.
Bella doesn't really worry if I'm not with her. She knows I'll be back.
Maybe it's a Summer dog versus a Winter one.
Or, that she is more interested in the world around her.
Maddy Jean is kind of stuck in puppyhood.
Bella is the older and wiser sister after all.
It was one of those days where you want to stop the clock.
Not that anything grand or special happened.
It was just a nice day.
How was your Sunday ?


KathyB. said...

My day was nice. I like a day to be nice...and nothing more. Not dramatic, not over the top exciting, but...nice.

As I type I have 3 yellow Labradors snoozing on the floor around me , so I know what you are talking about. Some of my 5 Labs are very needy, some are so easy to live with I forget to appreciate them..same goes with my 3 cats. Don't you just love how the animals we have in our lives bless us?

JC said...

I posted this last night ... just looking at My Girls this meowning .. well, I'm madly in love with those two.

Kathy B! said...

Yikes! Another KathyB!!

I wish I had a dog to ponder with!

Our Sunday was good but busy!!

JC said...

Lucky Me !!!

Anonymous said...

We had a furry fun Sunday! It was the kickoff to our FOOTBALL SUNDAYS!!! Mom made lots of yummy stuff that we all got to sample!

JC said...

Do tell ...

Noll's Nip said...

Your doggies are precious :) Glad you had a lovely day. I went to the zoo with my husband and mom. Mild weather, some close encounters with the big cats.

Roses and Lilacs said...

When I'm outside, my dog Aggie is never more than a few steps away but she is content to do doggie things if I let her out alone. She is my deer/rabbit patrol.

JC said...

Maddy Jean is a people dog. She'd be with me at all times if she could. She likes me to be outside with her ... I won't go if it's in the 30's ... has to be 41 .. my rules. She gives me the oddest look when I don't go outside with her.

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