Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Give me such joy

What's left of my back yard roses ...

I live in the woods
I do not take care of them at all
I do walk around and talk to them
I tell them how nice they smell
How pretty they are
I trim them and try to kill the bugs

I need to do better
I say that every year

I'm sad to see them go

I do enjoy them

My wild roses that give me such joy


Tuck said...

Such pretty roses! You are lucky that there are still a few left!

Fin said...

Those are so pretty... wonder if they're tasty?

Jo said...

They are beautiful, all my flowers are gone now.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Those are so very lovely! You are so lucky that they grow so well on their own. Our flowers are here for only a short time!

ellen abbott said...

They are very pretty. the cooler weather is perking mine up though I just have red and pink. they are starting to bloom again.

JC said...

Fin ~ I do bring them in and put them in a vase on the kitchen table. Riley loves to sniff them. Al has tried to eat a few petals. Jasmine doesn't care at all. Ashton sits pretty by them and will sniff after a while.

When I used to let the Purr Gang outside, I would pick them up to sniff the roses.

Kritter Keeper said...

wow, those are gorgeous! my roses are resting must be doing something right!

The Kool~Kittie~Krew said...

They are gorgeous! We like roses too and mom says she's going to buy a mini rose bush to put in our littlebeans flower garden, which she LOVES tending to. mom even bought her a little watering can which she loves to do! We have an award for you today! :o)

Roses and Lilacs said...

Those are beautiful. Mine are devoured by Japanese beetles every year. I've decided to give up on them.

Anna said...

JC - I really want to thank you for the prayer posted on your site which led so many to post condolences at my blog for Tim.

JC said...

Anna ~ I thought it was the thing to do .. I like that poem and try to send it to my friends when they have lost a beloved fur member. I hope each day gets better for you.

Tristan and Crikey said...

Thanks for your suggestion on the pee problem! Our Mom will try those plug-ins, for sure:)

Forever Foster said...

Your roses are gorgeous. Thankyou for putting our blog in your header. I just can't get enough of looking at the beautiful little souls:)

Cat with a Garden said...

They are very pretty. We don't have much luck with roses, it's too shady in our "garden".

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